Sunday, July 7, 2013

What The Hex? Another Blog Hop?

Yep! Another blog hop sign-up is coming next week over at
Sew We Quilt.

I'm not a fan of hexies (don't you give me the evil eye...let me explain!)
I've just NEVER made anything with a hexie.
Dresden's scared me, too, until I made one, so I'm willing to
jump on board and give this a try. Are you brave enough to hexie?
Watch for sign-ups next week if 
you want to play with hexies!

The Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop comes before the hexies, so be ready
to be wow'd by all the creative ladies who will be joining in to
celebrate Christmas in July (and August.)
You can find out who the Ho Ho Ho hoppers are here:


  1. uhhhh I love hexies and have several projects or things going on, so it will be easy to sign up- when it starts.

  2. I;m with you on hexies....don't know if I'll be in or Oh sure I will!!

  3. You'll love them once you try them. I was a little intimidated too! (Ok maybe a lot). I'm sure it will be hard to resist the challenge.

  4. You will make amazing things when you get your hex on ... :-) Pat

  5. Can´t wait to see your projects.Have a fun weekend!

  6. ohhh great way with words...what the HEX...ok. will have to use that a bit more right?l lol

  7. I have tried hexes, but I am not a great lover of them.
    But maybe I should give them a try. But if, it will only be a small project for me

  8. So I will be on vacation and may not have Internet access so I hope I get in. I am sewing up some hexies in the car as we travel...haven't done them in years!!!

  9. I am madly in lov ewith hexi's. Might a fact. I have been busy makeing soem to use on my mug rug project that I don't think I am ever gonna But boy will they be so pretty with thos elittle hexi flowers on them when it is all said and done.

  10. I haven't made anything with hexies either!! Can't wait to try!!

  11. I am wondering if I can muster anything besides some of Linda's neat hexie coasters, LOL. Debating about signing up though I can think of one good reason why I should!

    I just know you will come up with something good!

  12. I've never hexied either, but I'll sure give it a try ! I'll be thinking us up a song in the mean time...hehe

  13. Can we use a half hex templete? To machine sew?


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