Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thinking Of YOU Flowers

I have several friends with serious "stuff" going on in their lives right now.
We all have "stuff" we go home to, but theirs is more serious than mine today.

So...since I can't be there to hug them or clean their bathroom, I'm sending virtual flowers.

I found these on my walk yesterday

I seem to attract bees when I'm photographing flowers

There were lots of dragonflies hanging around these flowers

Wishing you all a peaceful day!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sweet Adelaide Baby Quilt

It took me just a couple days to sew this baby quilt together and thanks to Julie at Quilted Works
it was beautifully quilted and ready for me to pick up yesterday. The binding is on now, too!
Whew! Just in time for her arrival!

Sweet Adelaide

This cute little girl can be found at Fairyland Embroidery Designs.
The fabric is actually a lighter pink, but it was hard to get my camera to capture the true color.
It is from the "Collection for a Cause - MILL BOOK SERIES circa 1835" by Howard Marcus.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Blog Hop Alert!

You'll have all summer to get ready.
3 projects, one of them made with some gingham.
Sign-ups are going on right now...hurry and check it out

Plus, don't forget...

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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Garden Party Quilt Is Finished

It's amazing how a little pile of cut fabric...

...can be changed into something like this with just a little thread to connect the pieces.

My Garden Party Quilt is sitting on a big chunk of black lava rock near Santa Clara, Utah.
I had to be careful because the rock was sharp, but it didn't require anything to hold the quilt in place.
Between the winds and the roughness of the rock, the quilt just stayed where I put it.

The quilt is 52 1/2" x 63" and is mostly made with the Basic Grey fabric line, Sweet Serenade.
Quilting was done by those sweet ladies at Quilted Works.

The back of Garden Party.

I love the scalloped look in the border and the musical notes fabric on the back.

The pattern came from Missouri Star Quilt Company's tutorial HERE.

It's such a great feeling when a quilt is totally completed!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laser Cut Applique Pillow...Done!

I needed this pillow project. Really, I did!
Not that I didn't have anything else in the works. 
I have three sewing things going right now (not counting those half-started projects in my closet.)
Isn't that what quilters do?

The three projects are nice, but they are slow moving and haven't "zinged" me yet.
I bet you know that feeling..."Oh, WOW! I love what I'm sewing on!"

The pillow kit got me motivated because the laser cut appliques are so easy...I love them!
Thanks again to Quilted Works for getting me excited about these laser cuts. Check out their BOM!
Just being able to open a kit and find everything ready is just so fun.

Here's this cute pillow sitting on my red love seat. The colors go perfectly in my living room.

Have you heard about the Save The RBD Gingham campaign?
Well, let me tell you what's going on.
Riley Blake is thinking about not carrying gingham anymore.
Shocking, isn't it!
They have the best gingham fabric ever and the thought of it not being available
has almost sent Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt and the rest of us over the edge.
What can you do? Buy some RBD gingham fabric or get your local quilt store to buy some.
You may not need it today but when you want some, you might not be able to get it.
P. S. Madame Samm has a blog hop coming up that will be using gingham. Watch for it!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whoa! Did You Say "Laser Cut Applique?"

Last week I visited  Quilted Works' new and improved website and saw that their 
will be using laser cut applique pieces. Seriously! How cool is that!

On Monday I HAD to visit their store to check out this laser cutting wonder and was blown away 
by how amazingly perfect each piece was cut and ready for ironing...fusible backing is already on it!
Pumpkin Patch Lane is even cuter (if that's possible) in person!
I oohed and aahed a few times over the laser cut kits but didn't pick one up. 
What was I thinking!

I went back on Tuesday and I think Cathy and Lori were a little sick of seeing me drool over the 
laser cut kits while I tried to decide what to do. Barb came out from the back to see if she could help
move me along and sweetly sent me on my way with this kit. 
Thanks Quilted Works...this is awesome!

The laser cut kits come with everything, including the buttons and ric rac (some kits don't include the backing.)
Oooooo, look at those laser cut flowers, leaves, and pots!

How easy is it you ask? (Okay, so maybe you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway.)
It took me less than 30 minutes to sew the borders on the center panel, and iron on the laser cut 
applique pieces. I loved not having to cut out all those flowers, leaves, and pots!

Here it is, ready for me to stitch around the edges of the applique pieces, add the ribbon flowers, buttons,
embroider the bee, stitch the sides, and then fill the inside. That will take longer than 
30 minutes, of course, but it really jump-started me by using the laser cut applique pieces. 
I love anything that speeds up my sewing projects!

I'm totally going back to join the BOM for that Pumpkin Patch Lane Quilt!
You can join online or at the store, too.
Head on over to Quilted Works' website to check out all the laser cut kits and other goodies.
If you don't see the laser cut pillow kit on their website, give them a call. 
Tell them that drooling lady from Just Let Me Quilt sent you.

Now, off I go to finish this adorable pillow. To be continued...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Riley Blake's Blog Tour Stops Here Today!

Thank you for taking time to stop by my blog during the
Riley Blake Quilted Cotton Blog Tour!

I always enjoy sewing with Riley Blake fabric and this new double-sided quilted cotton fabric is 
certainly one of my new favoritesThere are so many beautiful designs this fabric comes in, but
sometimes the "Creepy Carol" in me comes out and I can't help myself...I love the skulls and dots!
RBD's Basic Solid Lime looks great with the dots and skulls, but so would any other color...including purple.

I'm always grabbing a tote bag for my quick trips in or out-of-town and I thought
this bag would be perfect for so many different stuff-and-go type things.

I had so much fun thinking of what I could put in it!

The “Just A Round Bag” pattern uses only one yard of double-sided quilted cotton fabric and goes together quickly. It would make a great bag for gifts, travel, sewing, toys, or whatever you can fit inside of it and the six pockets. It can hold a lot! Using Riley Blake's double-sided cotton fabric makes it fun to switch sides to create different versions and eliminates the need to use batting. 

I've got the pattern listed HERE on Craftsy if you'd like to make one.

The Monster-ous Bag
These Monster High dolls go perfectly with this fabric!

Just Some Chips and Soda Bag
Add a few apples to make it look healthier.

Sleepover Bag
Don't forget your toothbrush!

Hair Salon To-Go Bag
Products are thanks to the hairstylist in my family.

I love the names of these sodas and so do my grandsons! Too funny!
Luckily, they don't really contain what the label says they do...yucky!

More crazy-in-love about the design on one side of the quilted cotton than the other?
No problem!
Here's a version with only the dots on the outside and a ruffle (I love ruffles!)
Plus, instead of fabric for the pockets, I used some vinyl so I could see what was in each pocket.

Blimey Limey Dots

It holds all my favorite sewing tools, plus lots of RBD fabric!

This fabulous double-sided quilted cotton comes in so many different designs.
You can see them all over at Riley Blake...HERE.
Thank you Riley Blake for creating this really cool fabric!

Be sure to check out all these amazing quilters and see what they've made with
the quilted cotton fabric by Riley Blake!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mystery Solved...You'll Need A Tissue

The first mystery package contained a couple boxes of tissue and a bottle of Jergen's lotion until...

...another package arrived in the mail yesterday.

Mystery solved!
That Other Lady really knows how to keep me in suspense and confused. So funny!
(The lotion was just an added little pleasure and had nothing to do with the surprise.)

Look what came in the second package...WOW!

It's a Peterboro basket to cover a box of's really gorgeous and so well made!
It's like having a little picnic basket sitting next to my bed. I love it!

I just love this kind of surprise, don't you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Summer Already?

It's already hitting 100 degrees here...ugh!
But, summer does mean more picnics, family outings, and
Monkey Boy time since they aren't in school.

We took the family on an outing to a nature was so hot, but still fun.

This beauty greeted us near the entrance

Feeding the fowls in foul looking, green swampy water

I saw purple!

I had to take pics up close and didn't notice the bee at first. Yikes!

Time to go home

Since it's hot outside, staying inside isn't such a bad thing because it means sewing time!
Yesterday, Barbara from the quilting group in our neighborhood showed us a quick and easy way
to make one of Missouri Quilt Company's blocks, so of course I made one.
So easy! Jenny Doan has a You Tube video HERE for a Churn Dash Pinwheel Quilt.
Plus, it's in their magazine with really clear directions.

Now I just have to decide what direction I want to place the blocks.

I love the two different choices it gives me!

My little break is over, so back to sewing these cute and easy pinwheel blocks.


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Friday, June 6, 2014

A Kleenex And Jergens Lotion Mystery

My friend can be pretty funny and mysterious sometimes.

Email from her a few days ago: "What is the nearest drugstore to you?"

This came today....hmmmm...what the heck????
Does she think I have a runny nose and dry skin? 
She says that's not it.

She said I have to wait and see what goes with it.


Any guesses?

I have no idea, but I think it is a pretty funny and crazy way to tease a friend.

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