Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's The Princess And The Pea All Stacked Up

This little set of The Princess and the Pea was really fun to play with. I mean create.
Well, a little bit of to play, fun to create.
The Mini American Girl doll was dressed just the way I used to dress.

The Princess and the Pea Bed Set

The bright and cheery fabric in the zipper bag and mattresses includes Bittersweet 

Of course, one of the mattresses had to have a pea and how beautiful is this
Aurifil green it!

Aurifil’s Tula Pink 50 weight variegated thread looked beautiful with the fabrics.

Check out the whole description over at the Therm O Web Blog where I'm
hanging out today. So many fun things there to see!

You can find the whole pattern set at Just Carol's Pattern Craftsy Store.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So Good To Be Back Home And Sewing

Thanks for all the sweet words of comfort during the last few weeks. 
They were very much appreciated!
It feels so good to be back home and sewing again.
Sewing makes things feel a little normal.

Sewing a ruffle with Moda's Just A Walk in the Woods fabric and using Aurifil thread
...loving it! 
July 5th is posting day for this little project. 

That's it for sewing the last few days, but this one was finished earlier for another deadline.
This cutie will show up on June 29th. She's a mini American Girl doll. 

The next row for Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM is coming on July 1st. It will border this block:

With high hopes and positive thinking, I joined Patty D.'s "One Monthly Goal" 
to focus on the pile  of UFO's I have sitting in a corner. I'm late to her party 
but I'm hoping it helps to clean out a project or two.

Elm Street Quilts

I have two of the younger Monkey Boys hanging out with me for a few days.
Hmmmm...maybe I won't get much more sewing done after all.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Family Generation Line Became A Little Shorter

I love the photos we've taken over the years that included a great grandmother, grandmother,
mother, grandchild, and great-great grandchild. That long line ended on Saturday with my
mother-in-law passing away. It was peaceful and family was with her. She's already missed greatly!
It's so sad to see our family generation line become shorter to only four generations. 

My mother-in-law, Joan.
She lived to be 90 years old...quite a lengthy and productive life!

It's been so many years of worrying about her and rushing to her side when she fell or wasn't well. Now we're not sure what to do with ourselves. We're still dealing with funeral arrangements, plus we both keep thinking we need to call her or go see her. It's a crazy feeling and it doesn't feel good at all. 

She smiled right to the last of her days.

As I was moving some things in her closet I came across the tricot quilt I made her years ago. I'd 
forgotten that she was the one I gave it to and I can't believe she still had it! My friend, Brenda, got 
me started making them...thanks, Brenda! We had such fun quilting for hours in the middle of my 
living room using my mom's quilt frames. I drew my own designs on them by crawling around on the
 floor and sketching on the tricot. No way I could crawl around on the floor now or hand quilt for 
hours like I used to. Adding binding to a quilt wasn't something I knew how to do back then, 
so lace went around the edges of the many tricot quilts I hand quilted. It worked just fine!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all of you who have left me messages of
encouragement and love during the last few months. My blogger friends are the best ever!
I'm not sure what "normal life" is anymore, but I'm sure I'll figure it out in a month or two.

Tater Tot Toddle Is A Toddler Quilt

I felt like I should be singing, "A tooty ta, a tooty ta, a tooty ta, ta!"
when I was typing out the post title, but it's not a "tooty ta" it's a Tater Tot Toddle.
Enough "T's" in there for you? I think I must have heard the Tooty Ta song a 100 times
when my kids were growing up and when they went to girl's camp. It's a crazy song! the soft and cuddly
Tater Tot Toddle

His wolf looks might seem a bit scary, but just look at that smile. He's a sweetie!

I made this guy for Therm O Web's blog using their amazing
 Therm O Web HeatnBond Soft Stretch. The applique stays soft and stretchy 
when applied using the Soft Stretch. Check it out over HERE!

You will find the pattern in Just Carol's Pattern Store.

Cackling Stitches Prowling Pumpkins Mini Quilt

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