Monday, January 24, 2022

My Day For The "Polar Bear Plunge" Blog Hop

I love when Joan at Moosestash Quilting gets her wickedly clever brain going with blog hop ideas and of course, she never disappoints. The "Polar Bear Plunge" blog hop challenge for this month is just so fun! Thanks, Joan!

There isn't much chance of icy weather here, but we do occasionally need a jacket when the wind blows. I still walk to the mailbox in bare feet, but one of my neighbors thinks I'm crazy. Of course I'm crazy, but what does that have to do with walking in my bare feet? I used to walk to the mailbox in Utah snow...that possibly might have been a little crazy.

My "Polar Bear Plunge" project was made using the Benartex "Snow Place Like Home" by Kanvas Studios fabric line. Seems like a perfect match for this blog hop with all those polar bears and snowflakes!

Polar Peace
65" x 65"

He's a cool dude just looking for peace in his scarf made with Artic Stripe black!

I love the Snow Daze turquoise, red, and periwinkle!

The back of the quilt is pieced with leftover fabric.

Polar Bear Express in gray has the cutest bears and the Artic Stripe black makes a great binding.

I think we all could use some PEACE!

The pinwheels were so easy to make!

You can find "Polar Peace" in my Etsy store HERE.

I love doing applique, especially when I use my favorite iron-on adhesive!
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Polar Bear Plunge Blog Hop Starts Today

Are you ready for a dip into the "Polar Bear Plunge"? Joan at Moosestash Quilting is hosting this icy blog hop full of creative projects!

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Time In A Bottle Blog Hop Sign-up Time

 It is fun times ahead with a new blog hop called "Time in a Bottle"!

Sign-ups start now!

What is a Blog Hop?

It's like a "show and tell" online.
Our blog hops feature sewing and quilting and are like joining a quilt guild without leaving home.  Once the theme (challenge) is presented we set to work sewing.
We inspire each other with projects, tutorials, or patterns.
Anyone can follow along.

You have about two months to sew something and join in on the fun.  
It's another easy theme that should have you thinking of lots of things you could make.

The Challenge: 

Create something with an hourglass block in it. 
It can be one block or 100 blocks...totally up to you.
You can make a quilt, a bag, a potholder, or whatever.
Just have an hourglass block in it somewhere.

How to make a 5" finished hourglass block

The Rules:  

Post on your assigned day at 12:00 am Eastern time.
Have a giveaway or don't have a giveaway. It's totally optional!
Visit everyone's blog on the list and leave a sweet comment. Make friends!!!!

Are you in?
Send me an email with the following information:
Your first name
Your email address
Your blog name
Your blog URL

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Cackling Stitches Creepy Critters BOM

Cackling Stitches is doing it again...another block of the month! This one is called "Creepy Critters" and will officially start on February 1st. We just released info about it on our Cackling Stitches Facebook page, so if you want to join in check it out HERE.

This is my version of "Creepy Critters" 

Joan from Moosestash Quilting and Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks are my wickedly creative friends who helped create this quilt for the BOM. Check out our Facebook page to see their quilts.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Goodbye 2021 Hello 2022

I think we all hoped 2021 would be a better year than 2020, but between Covid/Delta/Omicron, politics, and some crazy weather, I for one am glad to see it go. Of course, 2021 had to leave me with a nasty case of Covid just to show me it wouldn't be forgotten.

There was no Christmas celebrating with family because of Covid. My family, including all of the Monkey Boys, started dropping like flies the week before Christmas. Luckily, the boys bounced back quickly, but the adults had 10 days or more of fever, cough, headaches, and body pains. No fun! I still haven't regained all my taste and smell.

I was really lucky in December to be a winner of a Quick Zip System by the Quilting Connection. Adam Sew Fun had a drawing and because someone didn't claim their prize I won! I love being a winner of such an awesome prize!

New Year's resolutions don't ever work for me, but hopefully this year will be successful. Losing weight is a must for health reasons. All the stay-at-home eating and laying around has taken a toll. The extra pounds have to go! 

This is pretty much how I look and feel these days.

I fell a few weeks ago because of a unexpected moment of vertigo. There was nothing to grab onto and I fell in the rocks by my daughter's house. My sweet 15 year old grandson was the only one home and it scared him to death when he saw me laying in his yard. He tried to pick me up but that was not happening! 

I crawled on the rocks until I could get somewhere to stand up with his help. He helped me inside and ran to get me water. It took only a few minutes for the vertigo to pass, but I was so thankful for his jump to action and kindness. Luckily, I only ended up with a bruised hand.

My oldest daughter teased me and offered to buy me a walker in a color of my choice. The joke was on her because a couple days later she fell while on a hike. She had to be rescued by helicopter because there was no easy way to get her out. She ended up with a broken ankle and tibia, and needed surgery. She stayed with us for a while until she could function without a ton of help. 

Here she is with five of the Monkey Boys on Christmas day. 
She didn't get Covid like the rest of us and luckily the boys weren't sick anymore. 

You can checkout her helicopter ride on her Instagram page, Vegas Adventures, HERE 

There were over 60 projects, patterns, and classes that kept me busy in 2021. Slowing down and focusing on myself has been my goal for the last few years and I've failed miserably at it until now. I've let go of designing for a couple companies (it killed me) and I'm trying to say "no" to adding anything to my list. I'll still be doing blog hops and the Crackling Stitches BOM with my two favorite partners in crime, Carla and Joan. I'm looking forward to sewing some things that I've pushed aside because of the deadlines I needed to meet.

The blog hop this month is "Polar Bear Plunge" hosted by Joan at Moosestash Quilting. I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

February's blog hop is "Tickled Pink" hosted by Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks. Check with her to see if there are any openings.

Stay healthy!

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