Thursday, November 15, 2018

When That In-A-Funk Mood Hits Eat Chocolate

Eating chocolate doesn't really fix the funky mood, but it does make me feel good for a moment.
Eating more chocolate makes me feel even better until it doesn't and then I feel sick.
Plus, it makes me fatter and fatter.

With chocolate not sounding like a good way to start my day, I took some much needed time
to sit down and read blogs that I've been missing due to lack of time, energy, or that nasty thing
called a funk//blues/dark days or whatever you call your not-so-happy moments.
Yes, I get that way sometimes.

When I was a young mom I went to the doctor because I just couldn't kick feeling depressed.
The nurse taking my vitals asked me why I came in to see the doctor. 
When I said I was feeling depressed she said something that made me want to laugh...

"You don't look depressed."
What the heck does depressed look like! She was clueless, for sure.

I had a friend who wouldn't get out of bed for days because of her depression. I ended up taking care 
of her kids for a month while she was admitted to the pysch ward. She definitely looked depressed!

For some of us it's just a feeling of not wanting to do something we sewing.
Or visiting my bloggy friends who always make me smile or feel inspired. Sometimes their 
blogs are funny, sad, or inspiring. It doesn't matter, I love reading what they have to say.
Lately, life has made it hard to find time to sit down and visit blogs.

So this morning I decided that no matter what, I was going visiting.
The funky mood would have to step aside!
While still in my nightgown, I opened my laptop and headed out to the blogging world.
I knew I couldn't visit all of them, but I decided I would visit at least five.

Collette at What About Rheema was my first stop this morning.
She's my inspiration for carrying on when life smacks you with not-so-nice things.
I loved her stories about her husband, Jeff, and the things he would bring home to help
her in her sewing adventures. He was senselessly killed by a reckless driver.
He was the love of her life and in a blink of an eye he was gone. My heart broke for her.

In spite of that, she pulled up her pants and with her sweet dog, Bobbin, has carried on
with her life the best that she can. You really should visit her blog to read about her chickens, 
fabric shopping/sewing, and travel adventures with Bobbin. I always feel better after visiting her.

Mary at Needled Mom, who inspires me every time I visit her blog, is a favorite stop.
She makes beautiful temperature quilts and other amazing projects.
She also lives in an area of the country where fires have been way too common.
I love reading about her life and feel like she's someone who'd be fun to hang out with.
Mary is the best ever at leaving comments on my posts that make me feel awesome.

Daryl at Patchouli Moon Studios has been a part of my blogging world forever (or so it seems.)
We've done a lot of blog hops together over the years. She's into making purses, totes, etc. now
and she's amazing at it. I can't imagine not having her in my blogging life!

Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks is my partner in blog hops and our block of the month series.
Her blog is full of incredible projects she's designed, sewn, and/or quilted. She rocks my world
with her ability to work full time, be a wife, mom and grandma, and still fit in time to create.
She recently made a series of blocks that were so easy to make into various quilts.
You need to check out her blog if you're looking for inspiration...she'll rock your world, too.

Joan at MooseStash Quilting is my favorite blog to visit when I need a good laugh.
Wait...I don't laugh at her projects, no, no, no! She's an Energizer Bunny when it comes to
creating, sewing, and quilting incredible projects. What I do laugh at is thing she'll say in her
posts or the funny bantering we do when we respond to each other's emails. 
I love her and her blog. Yes, you will find moose related projects there. Go visit her!

Mary at Made by Marney is totally inspiring with her cute paper piecing projects.
I have never seen one I didn't love! I'm looking forward to 2019 being a slower year so
I can sew some of her adorable blocks that make me smile. I need to make it happen!

Well, I actually visited six blogs today and I feel better already. 
Tomorrow, maybe, I'll visit more.
I was inspired by all of them and I'm sure you will be, too!

The point of this big long post is that we all have down moments that come with many
causes from tragedies we face, medical issues, or just plain having a bad day.
Visiting with my friends helped me leap over my funkiness and move on.
Some people may need medication or medical intervention.
Today I just needed my blog friends.

I've got things to do today which include getting ready for my annual Virtual Cookie Exchange.
This is the biggest one so far and no, there aren't any openings left...sorry!

I'd love to hear what blogs you enjoy visiting, so feel free to share that in the comments.
I'm always looking for blogs that make me smile!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

It's My Day For The Pick A Pumpkin Blog Hop

Just a note: I have a double trouble day of two projects happening...Pick A Pumpkin blog hop
and Riley Blake Design's Dragon blog tour. You can find the Dragons HERE.

Carla at Creatin' in the Sticks came up with the perfect idea for a fall blog hop...Pick A Pumpkin! 
All we had to do was have a pumpkin somewhere on our project.
Thank you, sweet Carla, for gathering us together to sew and share!

I started this quilt a few years ago from a laser cut kit I purchased at Quilted Works.
I love all the little applique details, but one thing after another got in the way and suddenly
all those little details overwhelmed me. It became a (gasp) UFO!
Fast forward to a quilt retreat this summer with friends and out came the quilt. 
It has pumpkins (which meets the requirements) and's done!

Here it is at the golf course...

...the museum...

...and in front of an old house in Hurricane, Utah.

I love our little outings and my "crew" is the best at holding up or positioning the quilt!

An acorn house

A pilgrims house with pumpkins

A barn with a quilt and scarecrow

A festive house with another that owl!

The quilting is gorgeous and was done by Quilted Works.
I usually let them pick the design and threads...I've never been disappointed!

The back of this quilt has minky on it and will be a Christmas gift for someone special.

There's lots of pumpkin inspiration happening this week...don't miss out on any of them!

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Thanks for stopping by!

Riley Blake Designs Dragons Blog Tour

Just a note: I have a double trouble day of two projects happening... 
Riley Blake Design's Dragon blog tour and Pick A Pumpkin blog hop. 
You can find my Pick A Pumpkin project HERE.

for Riley Blake Designs blog tour

Dragons by Ben Byrd for Riley Blake Designs is sweet and the colors are so bright.
I love those dragon scales! Some of the fabrics I used...

The Castle

Two baby dragons

Papa dragon guarding the castle

Look how cute this printed fabric is! I put a section of it on the back of the quilt.
There's so much detail in the dragons and the it!

You can find the pattern, Dragon Patrol, HERE.

Be sure to check out the other dragon projects by visiting the Riley Blake Design blog

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Feeling A Bit Fruity With Thermoweb Designers

Actually, I usually feel a bit fruity everyday, but today even more so. 
ThermOWeb had four designers (me included) design fruit blocks. 
Then, we were challenged with creating a  project using those blocks. 
This is what I came up with...

Feeling A Bit Fruity
45" x 45"

My applique blocks were made using Therm O Web EZ Print Lite Sheets
which are so easy using an inkjet printer. Print, iron, cut out, tracing!
I love the way the protective back peels off so need to score the paper with a pin.

Fruit blocks for this table topper can be found on ThermOWeb’s blog:

My apple block - HERE
Amy C's lemons - HERE
Carla H's watermelon - HERE
Amy W's cherries - HERE

You can find this pattern on the ThermOWeb blog or at my Craftsy store.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

It's A Wild Life November Block Of The Month

We're coming close to the end of the It's A Wild Life block of the month,
but there's already another one in the works that will start in February...woohoo!
This month's block adds a bit of stinker to the quilt, but I don't think he'll be too much 
of a problem because he seems to be quite distracted by something else.

Wishful Love
Unfinished size: 12 1/2" x 24 1/2"

Sew Incredibly Crazy has a giveaway each month, but you have to make the block
and link it on her blog. It's easy to do and the giveaways are always amazing!

I'm using Riley Blake Designs fabrics in all my blocks, including
Confetti, Kisses, and Crayola. I love all their fabrics!

My blocks from each month's design:

November - Wishful Love - Just Let Me Quilt - Pattern info found HERE

October - I Moose Go Camping - Moosestash Quilting - Pattern info found HERE

September - He's So Foxy! - Just Let Me Quilt - Pattern info found HERE

August - Home At The Cabin - Sew Incredibly Crazy - Pattern info found HERE

July - Lunchtime - Creatin' in the Sticks - Pattern info found HERE

June - Owl - Life in the Scrapatch - Pattern info found HERE.

May - Bear Paw - Moosestash Quilting - Pattern info found HERE

April - Big and Little Tree - Just Let Me Quilt - Pattern info found HERE

March - Deer - Creatin' In The Sticks - Pattern info found HERE

February - Maple Leaf - Sew Incredibly Crazy - Pattern info found HERE

There's bonus blocks, too!

Just Hanging Around can be found HERE

Hot Dog Anticipation can be found HERE

Canoe Time! can be found HERE

There's a Facebook page for information and sharing, too.

It's never too late to join in on It's A Wild Life!