Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Monkeying Around

Yes, I love this fabric, which is why I made two more
children's blankets out of them (both with a ruffle, of course!)

This one is pretty much like the other one I made.
 Fabric: "Monkey Around" - designed by 
Bethany Berndt Shackelford for Quilting Treasures.

The back of the quilt

This one is made using the quilt-as-you-sew method
There's a little pocket in the corner for a sock monkey
or a gift card...or whatever I want to add.
 The back of the quilt

I think I have to stop sewing monkeys for a while, because there's another
hop coming up on July 31st that will require some sewing with Christmas fabric.
(Plus that other lady is SO competitive I'm sure she's already sewn
DOZENS of Ho Ho Ho projects...good thing I'm not competitive.)

And don't forget that Stamp On It starts back up on Monday!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I Stamped On It!

While I was at that retreat not too long ago, we went to do a little shopping at Scrap Apple where I saw a quilt on the wall that totally stole my heart. I loved the's called Ladies Diary...and it's a little vintage looking like me, plus I love to write in my journal so it was a fabric I'm sure was created JUST FOR ME! I bought a little fabric for my stamp AND THEN went back later to buy the whole quilt kit...HAD to have it and I've already started working on putting it together.


My stamp ended up on a side-slung bag with no zippers or pockets....just a bag
to throw my stuff in when I'm dashing out the door. 
My sister's yard was in total bloom mode with beautiful flowers...

Ladies Diary fabric by Wilmington Prints

I fussy cut some of the pictures from the fabric and appliqued them in positions I liked better for my stamp.
The postal marks were hand embroidered as was the 1 cent mark. USA was stamped on with ink.

Ooooo, look what's inside! Can you see it? It's my new label (love it!)

It needed a matching Tammy Bag...I was sure of, of course I made one.

June 26

Just Let Me Quilt - It's me!

June 27

June 28

July 1

July 2

July 3

Thanks for stopping by to visit!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There's A Winner Out There!

SUZANNA (no blog)
(an email has been sent to her.)

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my Tammy Bags!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tammy And Me...Bags, Of Course!

I chose some Moda fabric called Round Robin by Kathy Schmitz for
my bag. I loved the colors and prints so much I used it to make
a quilt, too! It's HERE on a previous post.

This is my little can. I cut a piece from a magnet sheet to fit the lid,
which holds my needles in place, and the can will hold several colors 
of thread depending on what I need for the project I'm working on.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Label It ME!

I hear it is important to label your quilts.
I don't...well, I did once, but just once.
I either forget or they seem like too much trouble at the moment.

And then I saw some labels over at Lesley's blog,
The Cuddle Quilter, and knew I HAD to have some, too.
So, of course, I ordered some (they came yesterday) 

They fold over and fit right in to a seam or binding edge.
I can even write a date on them if I want to.

These are my kind of easy, fun, and personal kind of labels.
I can't wait to add one to my next quilt or project!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost And Late To The Party!

For some reason, which is unclear to me, I have "lost" some of the
favorite blogs that I had been following for years. When I switched to Bloglovin 
I thought they would all miraculously appear in my little blog roll of favorites.


Even if I search them out in Bloglovin and click that little "FOLLOW" button,
they don't always appear in my list. I hear it has something to do with them 
"claiming" their blog--if they don't claim it, I guess they don't appear for me to see.

I'm so sad when I see a blog post days, weeks, or more after it is posted
(not that I don't stalk blogs for older posts...of course, I do.)

It's just feels like I'm late to the party!
I HATE being late to anything...just saying.
My whine is over now...moving on.

Tammy Bag--Day Two

It's time to see how stylish we can be when we're working
on our sewing projects. Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt came up 
with the cutest bag to store our "stuff" in while we craft away our days.

Look how cute this bag is all dressed up in that gingham it!
Those dishes look just perfect with her bag, of course.
 She's cheering this hop (whoohoo to her!) so we all know this will
be an incredible event going from blog-to-blog just looking at the bags.

Madame Samm has a giveaway on her blog from such nice sponsors and
don't forget to stop by there every day to see her top choices of the day.

You can find all of the blog hop photos here:

Here's who's hopping today:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Monkeys And A Ruffle

During the retreat last weekend, it seemed to be the rule that you MUST go fabric 
shopping during the course of the whole sew, eat, laugh, and play getaway thing.

So, of course, I went shopping and of course I bought fabric.

While on one of these shopping trips, I saw a cute quilt in a fabric store and loved 
the fabric and method they used to make it. So, of course, I HAD to make way...
(their's had ric rac, mine has a ruffle.)
Fabric: "Monkey Around" - designed by 
Bethany Berndt Shackelford for Quilting Treasures.

It has raw edges and will need a few more machine washings to get the perfect frayed look. 
It was so easy (and I do love that easy stuff) and it went together really fast.
I machine bound it using that fun method with a piping look (love it!)
Linda (that amazing long-arm quilter from the retreat) suggested the wavy lines in between the rows 
and the extra waves at the top. I liked her idea and so I used it. Thanks, Linda!
Now I just have to find a little girl who needs this since my Monkey Boys aren't crazy about that ruffle.

Blog hop news:
Tomorrow starts the Tammy Bag hop!
The Ho Ho Ho hop is FULL!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Retreated And Survived!

I survived my first retreat without running from the room in total fright 
because of all the amazing quilters that surrounded me.
I was even nice to a few people.

My friend, Brenda, forced me out of my comfort zone by MAKING me 
go early BY MYSELF to reserve four spots that were close together.
I did it, but it's a blur...must have been the fear I was feeling.

Linda and Kay greeted the new arrivals...they both
do incredible applique work. REALLY incredible!
They were pretty funny, too.

Each person received a cute name tag.

They even made these cute little pin cushions for everyone.

While I waited for my support group/friends to arrive, I pulled out my
mini Comma charm squares and started sewing them together.
I have a long way to go before they will actually look anything close to a quilt.

FINALLY...Brenda, Susan, and Vicki arrived. This was Velcroed on
their sewing machines from one of the other retreats they went to.

Susan almost lost her sewing me! It's purple!

Each table had table toppers that were so adorable.
Loved this one! Are you noticing the hen theme going on?

I learned a lot from Brenda, Susan, and Vicki:

1. Every group has an obnoxious person in it.
If you don't think any of your friends are obnoxious,
it just might be YOU that is the obnoxious one.

2. If the 20% coupon won't be good after 6 p.m., it doesn't take a 
rocket scientist to figure out that it's because the store closes at 6 p.m.

3. It's important to buy fabric while on a retreat to add to the
fabric you brought to work on. It was so cool that the fabric store,
ScrapApple, was just out the gate behind the hotel where the retreat
was being held. Like, totally connected to the hotel by a fence!

4. Sewing isn't the only reason to retreat. Food plays a really
big part in the whole experience. Lots of food!

The purple sewing machine...oh, that's Susan.

This is Vicki being nice when I was taking her picture, 
but she was wishing I'd just leave her alone to sew.

Brenda found her own corner to cut her fabric.
It just happened to be in a separate room away from all of us.
We didn't take it personally...much.

 I ALMOST finished this little monkey quilt, but it still needs a little work. There's a 
ruffle AND it! I'll show it when it's finished...hopefully  real soon. 
A long-arm quilter, Linda, gave me a great idea to give it a nice finished look. 
She was so nice! I can't wait to do what she suggested.

My sister asked me if I'd do it again.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ruffled Binding...So Easy!

I love ruffles so I went looking for EASY and different ways to add them to a quilt.
I found this method and really liked it.

Start by making yourself a nice pile of ruffles, enough to go around your quilt.
 I cut strips 3 1/2" wide and folded them over to make the ruffles.

Sew the ruffle to the back side of the quilt.

You'll need enough strips for binding to go around your quilt.
I cut strips that were 1 1/2" and 1 3/4"--it's better if you cut them 1 3/4" and 1".
Sew them together like this:

Match the long edges and iron flat to create the piping. Mine ended up
looking like this...I'd rather have wider piping and narrower flange.

Sew the binding strips with the piping side down.

Rounding the corners makes it look a little prettier.

Fold the binding/ruffle over the front edges of your quilt.
Top stitch between the piping and the flange in a
thread color that matches the back of your quilt.

Mine ended up looking like this because I cut my flange
strip too wide. It's okay, but a narrower flange would be better.

Here's my finished quilt. Nothing fancy. Not-so perfect. Not too big.
Just right for covering my lap and snuggling with my
puppies or Monkey Boys.

Our neighbor had a nest with two baby hummingbirds in it.
They are so tiny! That nest is kind of gross, though...ewwww!

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