Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lost And Late To The Party!

For some reason, which is unclear to me, I have "lost" some of the
favorite blogs that I had been following for years. When I switched to Bloglovin 
I thought they would all miraculously appear in my little blog roll of favorites.


Even if I search them out in Bloglovin and click that little "FOLLOW" button,
they don't always appear in my list. I hear it has something to do with them 
"claiming" their blog--if they don't claim it, I guess they don't appear for me to see.

I'm so sad when I see a blog post days, weeks, or more after it is posted
(not that I don't stalk blogs for older posts...of course, I do.)

It's just feels like I'm late to the party!
I HATE being late to anything...just saying.
My whine is over now...moving on.


  1. I think that is right Carol...they have to claim it too. I asked to have all of my list come with me to Bloglovin, but I do think they have to claim it ....not sure.

  2. Same issue, mostly with blogs not transfering. May be a bug in the system.

  3. I am sitting here in denial, I think. I haven't done any switching...I read all the blogs I follow on my dashboard, so not sure if I have to make a change to Bloglovin...and there seem to be so many issues with it. Guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.


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