Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Riley Blake Designs Kaleidoscope Project Tour

Riley Blake Designs has a huge assortment of basic fabrics to use on their own or to accent other fabrics. "Kaleidoscope" is one of their beautiful basics by Crayola and is an official licensed product. It's 100 per cent cotton and looks amazing in quilts, home decor, or clothing.

52" x 52"

To create "Kaleidoscope Eyes" I used Key Lime, Scarlet, Dandelion, and Toy Poodle Black (I love that name!) 

Just saying the word "kaleidoscope" brings back wonderful memories of one of my favorite toys as a child. It was a tin tube to look through to see colors change into amazing designs. It was mind boggling for my little brain in those days as I wondered how it worked! 

Those designs inspired the "Kaleidoscope Eyes" quilt. At 52" x 52" it's a perfect size to snuggle under.

The lemon tree in my backyard is full of lemons waiting to be picked. They are close in color to the beautiful yellow Kaleidoscope Dandelion fabric.

All the lovely colors available in this line are incredible!

Don't let those half square triangles (HSTs) or hourglass blocks scare you. They are really easy to make! 

Half Square Triangles: To make four HSTs, place one 11 ½” x 11 ½” white square and one RBD Kaleidoscope Toy Poodle right sides together. Sew around all edges (1/4” seam), pivoting at corners. Cut sewn block diagonally from corners in both directions. Open each cut piece; press open towards dark side. You will have four HSTs. Trim each HST to 7 ½” x 7 ½”. *Tip: Spray starching the fabric helps to hold the shape.

Hourglass Blocks: You will need one white square and one color square to make two blocks. Draw a line diagonally on wrong side of white square. Place right sides of squares together. Sew a 1/4" seam along both sides of the drawn line. Cut the block along the drawn line to create two blocks. Open and press fabrics to the color side.

On one of the blocks from each set, draw a diagonal line opposite from the seam on the wrong side of fabric.  With right sides together, place colors opposite of each other and nest the seam, sew 1/4" along both sides of the drawn line. Cut the blocks along the drawn line. Open and press seams toward the side. Trim blocks to 7 ½” x 7 ½”.

"Key Lime" made a sweet border next to "Scarlet" to finish off the quilt.

All of my applique projects are made using ThermOWeb Heat n Bond Lite. I love that I can trace them or use the EZ Print sheets to run them through my inkjet printer. You'll love how easily the backing peels off the paper...no scoring!

You can find the PDF pattern for "Kaleidoscope Eyes" HERE.

Check out the Riley Blake Designs blog for some incredible and inspiring projects in "Kaleidoscope" fabrics!

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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Celebrating Christmas Gnomes Table Topper

 It's never too early to sew for Halloween or Christmas, so here is "Celebrating Christmas Gnomes" in a 32" x 32" table topper. The gnomes face all different directions so your guests at the table can see at least one of them without twisting their heads around.

Celebrating Christmas Gnomes





You can find "Celebrating Christmas Gnomes" in my Etsy Shop HERE.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Celebrating Christmas Gnome Table Runner With ThermOWeb

Creating any of my applique projects always involves using ThermOWeb's HeatnBond Lite. I love that I can run their sheets through my printer if I want to or trace them on the regular HeatnBond adhesive. It's also so easy to remove the paper backing without scoring it...that's definitely a plus!

I'm on the ThermOWeb blog today as part of their gnome projects in paper and fabric. I've been crazy for gnomes lately, so of course I wanted to play along with all of them. You should check it out for some fun ideas!

Celebrating Christmas Gnome Table Runner

You can find the free pattern HERE.

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Riley Blake Designs Hungry Animal Alphabet Fabric Tour

Every time I look at Riley Blake Designs "Hungry Animal Alphabet" fabric I can't help but smile. There was even a chuckle or two while I was sewing. Seriously, this pig reminds me of myself during this Covid quarantine thing. Food seems to fill the time! LOL

I love each of the cute characters that were designed by J. Wecker Frisch for Riley Blake and I know you will too! There are rows of food, alphabet letters and animals eating...all in 100 per cent cotton that feels amazing.

I used the Alphabet Patch panel in my quilt...such adorable creatures in it!

So many pretties to sew with!

Sewing all the sweet prints together was just so fun! I love the "Alphabet Border Strip" at the top of the quilt.

I used these four fabrics: ABC Toss Celery, Animal Toss Off-White, Gingham Red, Sunflower Yellow.

The Alphabet Border Strip is so sweet...look at that elephant, alligator, walrus, giraffe, and flamingoes. They seem to have such fun personalities, don't they!

The "Gingham Red" gave a nice "pop" as a border and binding. Wouldn't you love to have that red chair the walrus is sitting in!

"Animal Toss" in off-white would make a great quilt on it's own. J. Wecker Frisch did a wonderful job creating all the characters in this fabric line!

Iguanas, jaguars, llamas, oh my! And that ostrich...too cute!

Hippos, hens, and hats! The square blocks in the sashing were fussy cut from the "Sunflower Yellow" fabric.

Somebody already thinks this quilt is his! I guess he can have it...how could I resist that face.

These two had fun wrapping up in it for a photo. I love those smiling faces!

The "Alphabet Border Strip" in a fabric bag is just too cute! It could be filled with some apples, chocolate, or alphabet blocks and given as a gift.

You can find the fabric bag pattern HERE.

You can find the Hungry Animal Alphabet quilt pattern HERE.

Check out some other Riley Blake Designs "Hungry Animal Alphabet" projects:

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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Just An Adventure In Nelson's Ghost Town

My oldest daughter loves adventures and doesn't miss out on any opportunity to go exploring. She managed to drag my husband, daughter #2, and me out to a place I'd never been to, Nelson's Ghost Town, to take pictures of her shoes. Yes, her shoes...and mine, too.

She does some promo pics for a shoe company and wanted me to take some photos. I had a blast hanging out with her and the others, taking photos, and seeing all the really cool stuff at the ghost town.

The bathroom

Apparently the tap water wasn't safe, so bottles were needed to wash our hands.

This barn could only be entered if you pay a fee to take pictures in there. 
We paid the fee and it was so worth it!

I wish it was Disneyland! I miss that place.

Daughter number one and daughter number two never were very good about following the rules, so it was a good thing we had paid the access fee for the barn.

A frame that was just waiting for shoes to sit in it

What everyone needs...old boat motors

Junk to some, treasures to another

I think I'd love this stove in my kitchen, minus the rusty pans!

Very cool cash register...and boots

I love that this sweetie came with us!

A nice place to take off the shoes and rest awhile

I remember going with my mom to the Blue Chip Stamp store...loved it! Interesting how the owners have set up this living room that reminds me of so many things. 

Yes, we took silly pictures

So much stuff everywhere! 

Yes, those are my new shoes. Had to photograph them, too!

Outdoor bathing was available

Our ride was ready to take us home even though there was so much more to see

We did a quick stop to check out Lake Mojave and Nelson's Landing before heading home. 

(From Wikipedia): Nelson's Landing, about 5 miles east of Nelson at the downstream end of Eldorado Canyon, was the village and landing established on Colorado River reservoir, Lake Mohave where the canyon had its confluence with the lake. The wharf area of Nelson's Landing was destroyed during a flash flood on September 14, 1974. 

Nelson's Landing, washed into Lake Mohave after a strong downpour in the regional mountains sent the runoff down the channels and produced a flash flood. There are five wide channels that run from the local mountains toward the river, all of which converge into a small outlet where Nelson's Landing was. The entire landing and village was destroyed and nine people died when the flood came through the wash. The wall of water and debris was reported as about 40 feet high as it reached the river.

Very photo heavy (sorry, not sorry), but it was such a great day to get outside and forget about politics, Covid, protests, riots, sewing, and my house that still needs work to be done on it. Yep, it was an awesome day and one I want to remember!