Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Early For Ghastlies?

It's NEVER too early for Ghastlies!

Quilted Works got one of my favorites (maybe even my VERY favorite) fabric lines in, the Ghastlies, and of course I had to have some!

I love, love, love the pregnant Ghastlie pushing the baby stroller and though I'm going to be making a quilt (in progress), I thought I'd start with a diaper/wipes bag just for fun.

This is the back with that adorable (if
Ghastlies can be called adorable) pregnant
momma pushing the stoller.
This is the front with velcro to close it and
a shiny button for decoration.
It holds at least three newborn diapers and
one baby wipes container.  It makes a great gift!
Now if I can just find someone who loves Ghastlies
as much as I do and won't think it's a little creepy
as a baby gift. Hmmm....

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