Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Week's Worth Of Projects

I still don't have my camera, so I had to use my phone camera to take pictures (not so good) of my projects.

I started this Mondo bag by Quiltsmart on Monday. Linda from Scrap Apple showed it to me at the quilt show I went to a few weeks ago. It looked easy enough. I've since learned I don't like making bags--I really hate making bags actually, but I will (hopefully) complete it at some point.
This is the process used to make it. Little squares ironed on specially marked pellon. Then I sewed each row one way and I will eventually sew it lengthwise. I'll add a liner, some handles, and the bag that I never want to sew another one of will be done. If I finish it, I will post it here.
My AccuQuilt was calling for me to make something with the cute dies I found at JoAnne's for $5.49 (they usually cost way, way more.) AccuQuilt has a Block of the Month project and since I've never done a Block of the Month project, I just HAD to do it. Using some of my Moda Serenity fabric that's been sitting around FOREVER, I started the project. I loved doing this and look forward to finishing the squares (if my Senior ADD doesn't get in the way.)
I picked up my quilt from Quilted Works. It's a bit flashy and bright, but since I'm so into "dead people" and researching them, the family tree fabric seemed to call my name.
While at Quilted Works, I looked around for inspiration and found this July 4th fabric. It called to me and now I'm making this wall hanging quilt with the parallelogram die cut from AccuQuilt.

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