Saturday, June 15, 2013

Label It ME!

I hear it is important to label your quilts.
I don't...well, I did once, but just once.
I either forget or they seem like too much trouble at the moment.

And then I saw some labels over at Lesley's blog,
The Cuddle Quilter, and knew I HAD to have some, too.
So, of course, I ordered some (they came yesterday) 

They fold over and fit right in to a seam or binding edge.
I can even write a date on them if I want to.

These are my kind of easy, fun, and personal kind of labels.
I can't wait to add one to my next quilt or project!


  1. These will make your quilt special.
    Have a great day

  2. Your labels are adorable! Yay get busy so you can start using them!

  3. Hi!!! Those are sew cute!!! Will be great to have!!!!

  4. I have been searching for labels to sew in. Thanks for posting about these cute ones! They will look great on your pieces!

  5. Hey you is on a label..your cartoon you...ok, too cute....Lesley is great for cool is that..

  6. Now it is my understanding, your quilt is more valuable when it is well labeled--especially dated. At least feed your family this line and they will see it as an investment in their future and not just an addiction, therapy or play.

    Cute labels!!!

  7. I need to check this site out for some labels. I bought some a while back that reads..This Took Me Forever!! LOL
    Gmama Jane

  8. OOooo...thanks for sharing the info, those are CUTE ! A MUST HAVE !


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