Tuesday, June 27, 2017

So Good To Be Back Home And Sewing

Thanks for all the sweet words of comfort during the last few weeks. 
They were very much appreciated!
It feels so good to be back home and sewing again.
Sewing makes things feel a little normal.

Sewing a ruffle with Moda's Just A Walk in the Woods fabric and using Aurifil thread
...loving it! 
July 5th is posting day for this little project. 

That's it for sewing the last few days, but this one was finished earlier for another deadline.
This cutie will show up on June 29th. She's a mini American Girl doll. 

The next row for Sun, Sand, and Sea BOM is coming on July 1st. It will border this block:

With high hopes and positive thinking, I joined Patty D.'s "One Monthly Goal" 
to focus on the pile  of UFO's I have sitting in a corner. I'm late to her party 
but I'm hoping it helps to clean out a project or two.

Elm Street Quilts

I have two of the younger Monkey Boys hanging out with me for a few days.
Hmmmm...maybe I won't get much more sewing done after all.


  1. Glad you are getting some sewing in Carol :) That AG looks just like you, yes?!

  2. The saying about sewing soothing the soul, is more than the truth isn't it? It always seems to ground me.

  3. Sewing soothes the soul is exactly what came to my mind. Enjoying your Monkkey Boys will be extra special this summer. Summer Sunshine Bliss Dear...<3

  4. All finishes are good, especially when one looks as pretty as this one promises to be. Glad you're back into the swing!

  5. Glad you got some sewing time. LOL Not much sewing will be accomplished with monkey boys around :D

  6. Sewing always centers me back at "normal". Enjoy those monkey boys too.

  7. Yep....I'm betting on not a lot of sewing with the little ones there. Enjoy the time with them.

  8. Those little AG dolls are so cute. I have Kit. My daughters have three or four of them..... somewhere. We have to big containers upstairs of clothes and stuff. I will never throw that away, ours were the early ones make in Germany. Anyway I love dolls
    This is a really cute block
    big hugs Carol.


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