Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Summer Already?

It's already hitting 100 degrees here...ugh!
But, summer does mean more picnics, family outings, and
Monkey Boy time since they aren't in school.

We took the family on an outing to a nature was so hot, but still fun.

This beauty greeted us near the entrance

Feeding the fowls in foul looking, green swampy water

I saw purple!

I had to take pics up close and didn't notice the bee at first. Yikes!

Time to go home

Since it's hot outside, staying inside isn't such a bad thing because it means sewing time!
Yesterday, Barbara from the quilting group in our neighborhood showed us a quick and easy way
to make one of Missouri Quilt Company's blocks, so of course I made one.
So easy! Jenny Doan has a You Tube video HERE for a Churn Dash Pinwheel Quilt.
Plus, it's in their magazine with really clear directions.

Now I just have to decide what direction I want to place the blocks.

I love the two different choices it gives me!

My little break is over, so back to sewing these cute and easy pinwheel blocks.


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  1. i will be happy to send you some rain, it's been raining for a week in Georgia

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Looks like you had a great time. That swampy water looks so full of life! Love your churn dash!

  4. great pics Carol...we are having rain here and lots of it...that green slime has me concerned...oh my word that is a lot of swampy stuff....and yes that is hot 100...and you were outside...we cannot do that here we would just
    love the bee and all that purple...

  5. Looks like a fun day with the monkey boys. We have a neighbor's pond that gets that way during the summer and it stinks on top of it. We haven't even came close to 100 yet.

  6. I love peacocks and their color. They sure make strange sounds though. Eww that scummy water is gross. Love the flowers.

  7. It's hot here as well. Love the photos!!

  8. What cute blocks Carol!! You are braver than I am.....100 degrees.....I'm staying in the house. Beautiful peacock!

  9. Yummm...those bees love a sweet flower! I like the 1st block - I've always thought the churn dash was just lovely.

  10. Looks like a fun day. A pinwheel inside a churn dash, love that. I cleaned & Windex'ed, and thought of you today.


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