Thursday, June 19, 2014

Laser Cut Applique Pillow...Done!

I needed this pillow project. Really, I did!
Not that I didn't have anything else in the works. 
I have three sewing things going right now (not counting those half-started projects in my closet.)
Isn't that what quilters do?

The three projects are nice, but they are slow moving and haven't "zinged" me yet.
I bet you know that feeling..."Oh, WOW! I love what I'm sewing on!"

The pillow kit got me motivated because the laser cut appliques are so easy...I love them!
Thanks again to Quilted Works for getting me excited about these laser cuts. Check out their BOM!
Just being able to open a kit and find everything ready is just so fun.

Here's this cute pillow sitting on my red love seat. The colors go perfectly in my living room.

Have you heard about the Save The RBD Gingham campaign?
Well, let me tell you what's going on.
Riley Blake is thinking about not carrying gingham anymore.
Shocking, isn't it!
They have the best gingham fabric ever and the thought of it not being available
has almost sent Madame Samm at Sew We Quilt and the rest of us over the edge.
What can you do? Buy some RBD gingham fabric or get your local quilt store to buy some.
You may not need it today but when you want some, you might not be able to get it.
P. S. Madame Samm has a blog hop coming up that will be using gingham. Watch for it!


  1. The pillow looks fabulous.....

  2. Gorgeous pillow! Looks fabulous on your couch...and I thought it was a table runner LOL Oh, and I am sew all over this RBD campaign! They just cannot retire this line!

  3. LOVE the pillow and the pot that's knocked over is hilarious!

  4. Your pillow is adorable! Love the quilting too!

  5. The pillow came out incredible!! I just love it. I hope they can change RBD's mind. I don't use much gingham, but I know how frustrating it would be for those who do!

  6. The pillow is absolutely beautiful.Great job!!

  7. What a pretty pillow. Really sweet!

  8. You know you might even have me convinced to do one would suit nicely on our bench...yours of course gorgeous,,,the shots perfect....

  9. Ohhhh and ps we could compete for who's was the best shot lol

  10. I want this pillow! Seriously! But I can't find it anywhere on their website. Is it there and hiding? :( blessings, marlene


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