Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Whoa! Did You Say "Laser Cut Applique?"

Last week I visited  Quilted Works' new and improved website and saw that their 
will be using laser cut applique pieces. Seriously! How cool is that!

On Monday I HAD to visit their store to check out this laser cutting wonder and was blown away 
by how amazingly perfect each piece was cut and ready for ironing...fusible backing is already on it!
Pumpkin Patch Lane is even cuter (if that's possible) in person!
I oohed and aahed a few times over the laser cut kits but didn't pick one up. 
What was I thinking!

I went back on Tuesday and I think Cathy and Lori were a little sick of seeing me drool over the 
laser cut kits while I tried to decide what to do. Barb came out from the back to see if she could help
move me along and sweetly sent me on my way with this kit. 
Thanks Quilted Works...this is awesome!

The laser cut kits come with everything, including the buttons and ric rac (some kits don't include the backing.)
Oooooo, look at those laser cut flowers, leaves, and pots!

How easy is it you ask? (Okay, so maybe you didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway.)
It took me less than 30 minutes to sew the borders on the center panel, and iron on the laser cut 
applique pieces. I loved not having to cut out all those flowers, leaves, and pots!

Here it is, ready for me to stitch around the edges of the applique pieces, add the ribbon flowers, buttons,
embroider the bee, stitch the sides, and then fill the inside. That will take longer than 
30 minutes, of course, but it really jump-started me by using the laser cut applique pieces. 
I love anything that speeds up my sewing projects!

I'm totally going back to join the BOM for that Pumpkin Patch Lane Quilt!
You can join online or at the store, too.
Head on over to Quilted Works' website to check out all the laser cut kits and other goodies.
If you don't see the laser cut pillow kit on their website, give them a call. 
Tell them that drooling lady from Just Let Me Quilt sent you.

Now, off I go to finish this adorable pillow. To be continued...


  1. I want one. You make it sound so simple. As always:-)

  2. I can see why you drool. That pillow is SO adorable. Thanks for the heads up about laser cuts. Looks so fun.

  3. What a beautiful runner....you already made things look so easy...now you've done it again with laser cuts!

  4. This is going to be so cute! I love the laser cuts, especially since I don't have a Go cutter. I have a couple of small laser kits but haven't worked with them yet. Sure are time savers.

  5. That is so cute Carol! It would be easy to make having it all precut, but I have so much fabric already. However, have you seen that cool toy from Brother where you can scan and cut your applique? So much more versatile and easier and cheaper than those Sizzix cutters and no die cuts to buy. That is something I might have to put on my wish list, lol!!! http://www.brother-usa.com/ScanNCut/Features.aspx#.U6GKjpRdVPg

  6. SO cool! Love the project you are working on... and the one you are going back to buy!!

  7. That is really cute and fun. I think precuts are nice for when our hands get a bit tired from overuse, helps to cut down on the workload and still create.


  8. Sew cute, Carol! Can you bring it to Quilt Group next Tuesday to show everyone?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Ok I get it now ..this is lovely...kind of like a paint by numbers. Totally cool...
    All the kits exactly the same?

  11. It looks nice, and exact... :-)
    Cute pattern.

  12. Totally worth the price of a kit that has laser cut appliques with the fusible already attached. This is going to be a beautiful pillow with all of the bright, happy colors.

  13. It's sooo cute! What fun for you to make... I am sewing it vicariously through you!


  14. That is darling and the laser cuts are such a great idea.

  15. oooh love it! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com


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