Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smokey Skies And Brave Firefighters

These aren't rain clouds...they are smoke clouds from the fires in the mountains about 
45 minutes away from me (this is a view down my street.) The winds have shifted and
 the smoke is heading into town. There's ash floating down into the neighborhoods 
closet to the mountains and there's a smoky smell in the air even this far away.

This is the view on my way home from work (two hours before the photo above was taken and
before the winds shifted.) The fires are on the peak of the mountains at the left of this photo.

It's really smokey and dark near my daughter's work...she's closer to the mountains.
The people who live in those mountains have been evacuated...scary stuff going on!

I'm so thankful for those amazing firefighters for their sacrifice in fighting this fire.
 I really, really am grateful for all they do.


  1. That is so horrible, cannot imagine fires like that. I hope everyone stays safe and prayers for all those who are in harms way or fighting the fires.


  2. Oh my goodness. I have never seen anything like that, I pray that they get the fire out and that all are safe. Be careful!

  3. Prayers and positive thoughts for an early end to those fires...

  4. Scary stuff indeed! Wish I could send you rain (especially since we really, really don't need any more of it here).

    Thoughts and prayers for everyone affected.

    Take care, Carol!

  5. Hi,
    oh your skies look like ours in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sadly we our on our 3rd day but it is on the north west end of town. Stay safe and indoors and hopefully nature will bring the fire under control

  6. Goodness
    Carol, we need ro send you our rain...can you smell the smoke from home? Firefighters truly are heroes...


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