Sunday, July 21, 2013

Floods, Rain, AND a Fabric Sale!

Enough already with the crazy weather!

My husband took a picture of me running out in this crazy weather to take a picture
(yes, I was barefoot.) He sent it to my sister and me with this message: "It's what bloggers do."
Yes, we are crazy about our picture taking, aren't we!
NO, I'm not sharing that pic...I was soaking wet and my hair was plastered to my head.

Through the window...the winds were so bad! That tall plant in
the middle of the pic was almost horizontal during the worst part of the storm.

We had a small pond out front and a river running down our street.

Rainbows are a nice touch after a storm with torrential rains and well over 60 mile an hour winds.

There were at least 10 of these trees that couldn't hold up against the winds.

Red mud is not so pretty when it looks like this.

This is about an hour after the storm...the water reached almost 10 feet at this underpass during
the peak of the storm. It wiped out a section of the golf course, too! 

My sister had a similar red river tumbling behind her house...the same river that flooded two homes up
the hill from her. It was amazing to see how quickly the neighbors jumped in to help those people. The fire
department and clean-up crews arrived SO FAST, too! Lots of heroes helping out!

On a lighter note, I had been looking for a certain fabric for my
Ho Ho Ho blog hop project and found it online at Rossville Quilts.
Their service was amazing...quick and efficient!
They are having a huge sale this month...check it out HERE.

Don't forget the HO HO HO BLOG HOP!
It starts in just 10 days...I'm so excited!


  1. First of all, I'm glad you are safe! Weather is crazy all over the place and you just don't know what the next day will bring. And tell your husband that we are grateful that you ventured out to share your surroundings with us.... just as long it's safe to do this! Take care!

  2. Wow Carol this is quite a storm, they seem all over the place even up here in Ontario. I am glad you are safe any damage in the house or just outside. It has been a bad summer with all the floods. Blessing Sandra

  3. Carol! Why were you out in that storm! Thank goodness you are ok. The rainbow is so beautiful. It has been very hot here, the weather is crazy, and yes so are bloggers?

  4. Wow, and they talk about our Florida storms! But I guess we are used to them a lot more than you folks in the desert! You be careful...remember you have to make more projects than you know who in all the upcoming blog hops. I so look forward to the two of you and your competition!!!!!

  5. Saw the flooding on the news and was wondering how you faired all that rain. Crazy weather is right, I think we have all experienced that this year. Love the rainbow after the storm! Can't wait to see your ho ho ho project! :)

  6. Oh my...looks like a weather bomb! Glad you are safe and sound. Your pictures definitely tell the story!

  7. What wild weather. I'm so excited about the hop too.

  8. I saw your rain and wind damage on the news. Red mud is so slimy and gooey. We had a lot of rain, lightening strikes and wind. The sky was lit up all night. Thankfully we sit high. Our excess water flooded the washes. We were 76 yesterday. Hope your weather clears and glad you are safe.

  9. Carol that's pretty awful - I always hate it when the trees don't make it. So happy that you are safe. We've had some summer showers and a little wind but nothing like that. blessings, marlene

  10. Looks like yal had a humdinger of a storm...Glad yall are ok.


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