Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do I HAVE To Get Dressed?

I'm loving DAY 2 of my retirement!
It's 2:30 P.M. and I'm still in my nightgown.
I could learn to like this lifestyle!
(This actually might not be a good thing, but don't ruin my 2nd day of
retirement by telling me I should get dressed and comb my hair.)

Not that I've been eating chocolates and napping...nope!
(Okay, so maybe a couple peanut M&M's made their way into my mouth.)

I've been sewing hexies, monkey quilts, and this skirt for my doll..
I was sure she needed a skirt and bow since That Other Lady added one
to hers. Whoops! That sounds a little competitive doesn't it. 
We know I'm not, so this was just a copy cat kind of thing....right?

I think I may have to take up oil painting to fill some of my time...or not!

Less than 5 days until Ho Ho Ho projects start showing up
all over some really cool blogs....can you say


  1. Doll looks happy in her skirt and bow. But she is asking-why can't she wear her nightie too? She doesn't have to go to work either!

  2. Enjoy! I love pj days, and I do have them on occasion.

  3. It's a great day of retirement when it's afternoon and still in
    loungewear!! And sewing!

  4. I love your monkey and her cute outfit, that is so fun.


  5. Congrats on your retirement Carol! You should make your friend matching pj's and don't u dare feel bad about hanging out in your pj's - not for a few days anyway!
    xo jan

  6. Hi Carol. My retirement motto is If it doesn't HAVE TO be done, then don't do it. Lounging around in pj's and sewing makes a great day. Enjoy!

  7. Just enjoy handing out in your pjs for awhile we all deserve it. I find most of my friends that are retired are busier then ever and I took on looking after my grandson who is blind for three days a week and when I have a day I love to sew in my pyj's. Congratulations on your retirement a d enjoy.

  8. Carol take it easy! It is so wonderful to decide what to do and no boss!,, I need à sock monkey too.
    I need to find à pattern. Have another great day in PJ

  9. Love the outfit...hers and yours. When I retired I thought I'd have a lot of pajama days but it turns out I don't get many, so enjoy the ones you get! Blessings, Marlene

  10. What a sweet little monkey!! Enjoy your retirement and you will be amazed at how busy you are!

  11. Cute monkey. Love her eyebrows and her skirt. Glad to hear you are enjoying your retirement. PJ's are like putting on your thinkin' cap!

  12. that monkey is adorable and you and that other lady are hilarious lol.

  13. Your sock monkey is looking cute ... and I am sure you are, too, in your comfortable sewing clothes. Enjoy! ... :) Pat

  14. I retired three years ago and had to make a few rules. 1. I had to get up shower and dress no later than 9:30am. 2. I would sew everyday. Those are basically it. I am not a morning person and could stay in bed til noon. Have fun. So far it is a blast.

  15. Congrats on your retirement! I call those typoe of days my pajama days and am always soothed and restored.

    Monkey doll is cute with her new clothes and no that's not competitive, just friends staying in touch with each other. lol Jane

  16. Congrats on your perfect day 2 of retirement ..You deserve to relax and enjoy yourself.....oh no she ( that other lady) might have to make another outfit...

  17. What on earth???? YOU are TOOOOOOO competitive..your monkey has a bow on the same side as mine.. I think you should go back to work...that is all I can I did borrow your monkey to highlight her outfit with MINE! lol

  18. Your little sock money is adorable!!

  19. That is so CUTE!!!

    Congrats on your retirement!


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