Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Quilted Works Row By Row 2015

I don't travel much, usually just between two states, so I've never participated in the 
Row by Row event. Well, when I saw this one at Quilted Works I HAD to join it!

I picked it up late yesterday afternoon and had it sewn and appliques pressed on this morning in less 
than an hour. I still need to sew around the edges, but that shouldn't take long once I get started. 
This kit was ready-to-sew with all pieces cut, including the laser cut applique pieces. 
Love, love, love those laser cuts!

If you're in the Utah area, stop by and get this cute block. The pattern is free,
but the kit will cost you. It was so worth it! 

Call Quilted Works for will love their store!


  1. Oh my gosh that is so cute! Those are hard work!

  2. Are you saying i need to change my itinerary? That is so cool.

  3. Super fun as an outdoor Summer Table Runner. Summer Sunshine Surfin Smiles...

  4. This is such fun!!

    Wish the pattern was available for download. Oh well... they mentioned on instagram that they can ship kits starting in November. I may just have to pre-order one.

  5. love it. I don't do the row by row either but this year I had to get the one from my local shop its so cute its called "puddle Jumper" from Paisley Duck. Wish I knew how to post a photo. Wish I was in Utah I really like that one too!

    Robin in Washington State

  6. What a gorgeous project. Well done!

  7. I love this! That Volkswagon bus brings back many memories!

  8. Love the VW bus with the surfboard :-D Looks like a fast & fun project !

  9. I have got to do this. Haven't seen anything so cute since your new monkey baby! Yep, gotta have it. I went to their website and couldn't find it. Is there a name for the pattern or kit?

  10. Love your row. These are so much fun to work on. I have a couple rows from Illinois already, but have not had chance to work on them yet. The rows are so much fun!

  11. that one is super cute. Most that I have seen are not interesting.


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