Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Turquoise Quilt Gets Spiffed Up

I wasn't crazy about this turquoise quilt with the paper pieced star, 
but adding some beautiful quilting spiffed it up a bit. Thanks, Quilted Works!

It started like this.

With some girly flower quilting and binding, it looks like this.

So much better!
I'm hoping that next time the thoughts in my head will produce exactly what I envisioned.

My sister took pity on us and shared some of her overgrown plants to make our backyard look better.
Her beautiful yellow flowers made such a difference...I'm loving all the color in our yard!

With school out, we've been spending some time with the Monkey Boys.
Sewing is kind of on the back burner right now, but these guys are so worth it!
This was an amazing hike with the boys.


  1. I liked the quilt before and I definitely like it after. Sometimes it is nice to stay simple and let the quilting show. Definitely worth spending time with the kiddoes. Gotta store those memories!

  2. The quilt is a stunner! So creative!

  3. Looks like a wonderful hiking experience with the boys. So scenic and such a terrific memory. Love how the quilt turned out too.

  4. Not being a quilter myself I am always transfixed with how "simple" stitching can totally change the look of fabric and quilts. Your quilt is stunning. Wonderful family time you are enjoying with the Monkey Boys. Yellow Day Lilies are one of our Deer's favorite foods. They eat the buds just before I even see them bloom for just that one quick day. High on Life July...

  5. Wow-love the after, and the blue binding!

  6. The quilting really makes the quilt pop! It is lovely. Enjoy the fun family time.

  7. The quilting on the quilt turned out really well. I love spending time with my little boys too.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that quilt! of course I love the monkey boys too! Your yard looks amazing! I could sit out there all day and look at your garden and flowers if it wasn't so hot.

  9. Love the quilt Carol...turquoise is one of my favorite colors!! Love the quilting (stopped in at Quilted Works and had to purchase their Row by Row..and the one by Quiltique in are an!!!) Have a fun, and safe, Fourth of July weekend :o)
    Terry cwayons(at)yahoo(dot)com

  10. It does look prettier with all the quilting done.


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