Friday, July 17, 2015

Hearts, Meatballs, And Other Stuff

A few months ago I spent a birthday coupon and bought some fabric that seemed like 
just the thing I needed/wanted. It was a fat quarter bundle by Moda...Hearts Content.
It's still in process, but it makes me smile when I'm sewing. 
Don't you just love when fabric does that for you!

I've also managed to finish a quilt top for the EQ7 Row-A-Long in September.
So many amazing rows to choose from...I wanted to make all of them!

Next week I'll be teaching a freezer meal class, so I've been busy getting ready.
I've cooked and frozen bags of chicken, beef, and even some rolled cookies ready to cut and bake.
Seriously, over two hundred meatballs rolled, baked, and in the freezer, too? Yep!

Not only will I be teaching the class, but there will be tons of medical dolls and monsters to stuff
for donations to local hospitals. It's crazy how many of them a few women managed to make!

I've made several of these using the idea over at It's Always Autumn as suggested by the
Primary Children's Hospital. They are so fun, easy, and are open to lots of possibilities.
I'll be having the Monkey Boys make some to use as bean bags, too!

All these projects have gotten me a bit behind on the Snapshot Quilt Along...ugh!
Hopefully, I can catch up soon. I really want to be able to say that for once I finished a quilt along!

I'm off to play with the Monkey Boys now. Yay!


  1. I would smile too...adorable fabric...meatballs aren't so sloppy either!!! Lol

  2. Very cute hearts! I used to make and freeze meals all the time, but have gotten out of the habit. ..I need to get back into it! Way to cook with the meatballs! Have a happy weekend!

  3. Great minds think alike. Just today I started cutting out my backgrounds for the Heart's Content quilt, though I am using fabric from my stash. I love what Edyta chose, so I am trying to find similar fabrics in my cupboards! Yummy looking meatballs!

  4. I love your heart quilt. It is my favorite heart pattern. Remind me of the pattern my late mother used. Enjoy your freezer meals class.

  5. You certainly are staying very busy. I do love the fabrics in your HeArt quilt and I can see how they make you happy. A Freezer class??? How smart to prep all that food and have it ready for all those times we don't feel like shopping and/or cooking. Cute little felt critters. Summer Smiles Dear...

  6. Laundry Basket fabric makes my heart content too ! Coking classes? I'm totally impressed !

  7. I love the heart quilt! Wow, those meatballs look yummy!

  8. Darn Carol, you're way too busy! You're making the rest of us look bad! lol Fabric, and food, and cooking, OH MY! Have fun with the monkey boys!

  9. You are amazing, Carol! I want to be like you when I decide to grow up!

  10. Love your heart quilt ! Great idea freezing food for future meals :-D

  11. mmmmm....meatballs :) Those monsters are cute too :)

  12. I really want/need to get into freezing meals. Haven't taken the time to find out where to start yet. Wish there was a class around here. That sounds great. I love your hearts. Certainly see why you fell in love with the fabric. It's beautiful. Wish all monsters were that cute!!!

  13. oh my but those meatballs look delicious! I do believe I need to go defrost some hamburger {wink} .... Lovely little monsters you are stuffing Carol, and thank you for sharing your hearts with us!! Bless your Creepiness ... hugs from the Wicked One

  14. Mmmm, those meatballs look good.


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