Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Monkey Baby's Quilt

The Monkey Baby is three months old and here I am finally finishing a quilt just for him.
Better late than never, right!

One of my favorite baby quilts to make is the Quilt-As-You-Sew method. This isn't an heirloom 
 quilt...just a rough and tumble kind of quilt that won't cause me to freak out if it's thrown on the 
floor, spilled on, or taken to the park for a picnic. Plus, I love that it is inexpensive, easy, and fast to 
 make. What a great way to use a jelly roll or leftover strips of fabric in your stash! 

Lollipop Monkeys

I just loved this fabric, Lollipop, by Sandy Gervais!

This is the fabric on the back of the quilt...these guys remind me of my five Monkey Boys 
who love to climb, jump, and swing from anything and everything. They are truly monkeys!

I can't wait to wrap up Monkey Baby in this and snuggle him for hours!


  1. Such cute fabric, Carol! I'm sure Monkey Baby will love it!

  2. The fabric is such fun! I'm sure that quilt will get lots of use and lots of loving.

  3. Another monkey? So lucky. I am going to be a gramma next week.
    Christina is 39 weeks and her baby is big and frank breech. Not a tiny baby either, so she will have a c section
    on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or maybe Friday hahahhahaaaa

    This quilt is a happy one. I love the colors and fabrics very much. great visual stimulation with monkeys!!!

  4. Those rough and tumble quilts are the best and usually the favorites. How blessed monkey boy is and how blessed you are too to have another monkey boy! Congrats!

  5. What cute fabric ! I never see a monkey (or purple fabric) that I don't think of you !

  6. This is the perfect "Monkey Baby" quilt. The fabrics seem to be custom made for this baby quilt. Enjoy every precious moment of Monkey Baby Number 5! Monkey Baby Bliss...

  7. Cute little quilt! The colors and fabrics are just great.


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