Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blog Hops And Stuff

Dare to Dresden starts in just a few more days, so
I've been pretty busy getting ready. 

You all probably know this trick, but I ran across a
tutorial HERE about using foil to make the centers
for the Dresdens and thought it was pretty cool.
It really worked and was so easy!

Anna Marie Horner's instructions are really
clear on what to do, but here's a short version of how-to
use foil to create the center of your Dresden.
Lay the circle fabric face down on a piece of foil
making sure the piece is larger than the actual sized
circle you're planning to use.  Place a cardboard cut-out
of the actual sized circle that you need on top of the fabric.

Fold the foil in towards the center, going all
the way around.

It will look like this-- 

Iron all the way around the foil circle, pressing
down so it will crease the inside fabric. 

Turn it over and iron again 

Remove the foil and cardboard circle
(it will be hot so BE CAREFUL!)
You can reuse the foil several times before
it starts to tear and become unmanageable.

After the Dresden hop is over,
it is time for some Valentine fun!

With a short break, it will then be on to
It's All About Me!

 It is just so amazing that Amy Bradley is sharing
this adorable pattern for those of us hopping in

But, that's not all! There's still room
in the Nancy Drew hop so come on and join
in for a sleuthy good time!


  1. Love AMH, hadn't seen that tip, I usually use Perfect Circles templates by KK Buckley...may try this just to see though :)

  2. Great idea on the circle for the dresden! I always have a hard time with that. Thanks for the tip!

  3. What a clever tip you have there! I am going to bookmark your post for the next applique project that requires me to have a turned edge!

    Normally I use templar but hey, we can learn some new tricks, can't we?

  4. I use foil, too, but I do it differently. I may have to try it this way on my next project.

    Here is a link to how I make mine. =)


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