Friday, January 11, 2013

Dare To Not Dread Dresdens

I've started prepping for DARE TO DRESDEN...
have you?

I don't dread the Dresden anymore and actually love making them.
(Okay, so I've only made one and it was turned into a turkey,
but they aren't scary and that's my point.)

Missouri Quilt Company has an amazing video
tutorial that will help you overcome your fears.
Check it out HERE.

I used a jelly roll to make my Dresden pieces, but a charm pack works great, too.

This ruler made it amazingly simple!

This pointy thing makes those corners, well..pointy.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the "Pros" make their Dresdens,
but for now the instructions from Missouri Quilt Company really has me 
moving forward to conquer the Dresden phobia I've had for years.


  1. They were my second quilting project ever and have been enamored with them ever since. Doesn't MSQ make everything look easier - I Love them also!

  2. I love dresdens....working on mine; and I have the dresden tool is wonderful!

  3. I love Jenny's tutorials! I have googled a quilt question so often and she always pops up to show me something new! One of the first bed quilts I made was a DP, and currently I am working on a Christmas DP...gotta love DPs! You are indeed an awesome cheerleader, and I am looking forward to seeing your sure have prepped a lot of them!

  4. What a fun sneak peak, can't wait to see your project!


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