Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dresden's Interrupted

The brown eyes from that Monkey Boy
got to me again. I was busy sewing all my Dresdens
when three of the four Monkey Boys came to visit
for the day. The six-year-old said he really, really
wanted a bathrobe and so did his big brother. 
So, of course....
off to the fabric store we sent so he could
pick out his own fabric (he likes camouflage.) 
He helped me lay out the fabric and cut out
the pattern pieces. I sewed them after they left.
The robes will have to wait to be finished until the
boys come back over so I can hem them to the right length.

The funniest thing was that after buying the fabric,
he asked me "when do you wear a bathrobe?" 
and "Do you sleep in it?"
I'm not sure he knows what a bathrobe is, 
but he really, really wanted it.
Gotta love it!


  1. Gotta love those boys Carol!! We had one of ours snowshoeing with us yesterday....had a ball!!
    I like the choice of fabric for their robes too.

  2. Hi!!! Little ones are so cute!!! Love the robes!!!

  3. You are just the bestest grandmother these little monkeys could have!

  4. That is too funny,you are a good Gramma.

  5. just adorable! witch pattern did you used? I want to sew bathrobe for my triplets... like your grandson.. don't know when they'll wear it but this is so cute!!! have a nice week

  6. Well done, grandma! Those monkey boys are going to love their handsome bathrobes. ( I wouldn't have been able to resist those charming brown eyes either... those monkey boys of yours are adorable).

  7. What lucky guys to have such a flexible and creative Grandma!


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