Friday, January 4, 2013

Yesterday...Ugh! But, My Husband Made It Better

My husband sent this picture to my phone while I was at work yesterday. 
It's a package that arrived from Amazon with some chocolatey stuff I ordered. 
Without the broken glass and chocolate goo all over the box, it might look yummy.
The company that mailed it did not wrap each bottle individually in bubble wrap.
They just threw a little of it in the box and (I guess) hoped it would get to me safely.
Amazon was great when I called them and took care of the situation.
Yay to Amazon for their great customer service!

I checked the tracking on another package I ordered from a company. FedEx showed it was left on my doorstep at 3:19 p.m. yesterday.Well, it wasn't left there and FedEx said they'd look into. I heard nothing, so my sweet husband went down the street checking the neighbors doorsteps to see if the package was delivered to a wrong house. Nope.

I got a summons for JURY DUTY!
At this point, after a yucky day at work, the mail fiasco, and JURY DUTY
hanging over my head for the next month,
 I was ready to crawl into bed and stay there for the evening.


My sweet hubby decided to go check one house that often gets our mail (our numbers are similar.) He went out into the cold night and...surprise...the guy answering the door said his "roommate had it." When my hubby asked him when he was going to bring it to us, he just shrugged, handed him the package, and shut the door. Thank goodness the majority of my neighbors are not like him! Yay to my sweet husband for making my day a little better!

My whining is over (I know, you're sick of hearing my petty complaints.)
Today is another day. I think I'll sew.

Oh, and don't forget that In Your Words starts on Monday!

Dare To Dresden still has openings... Christine has 80 scheduled
and has a bit more room for a few more....

Let her know ASAP
or you can find her here 


  1. Good thing we get to start over each day! Hope the rest of your days are better.

  2. Not fun having days like that. I had a friend send me a package, and i never did get it, so have no idea who got it and why they would keep it. It was prim things and cat things since we are both cat lovers. Yesterday I had email in my junk folder saying I had a package they couldn't deliver and to click on the link, which i did not, assumed it was a gimmick.


  3. Wow I hope your week improves. Sadly, your neighbor is better then mine. When my packages vanish I have no idea who took them or where they are and no one gives them back either.

  4. are you kidding me...bubble wrap in a box not around each bottle...they obviously have not gone to my packaging school lol. and jury duty and neighbor who hold your packages..I would be moving lol.
    OK, today better be better lol

  5. aww, what a mess of chocolate, and stupid neighbor! my ups guy knows me and he knows its fabrics too, i can hear him back into the driveway so i run outside to get the package. at least i'll never get called in for jury duty, not a us citizen- but a resident :)

  6. oh, man! that stinks. So glad Amazon took care of things. I send my son and DIL a package for Christmas and they never got it. The box also had checks in it so I had to go to the back and put a stop payment on it in case some neighbor, like yours, decided to cash them in.
    You have a very sweet hubby who made everything right.

  7. What a terrible turn of events but yay that Amazon took care of it and your husband is such a keeper!

  8. Yah for hubby!!! I have some crappy neighbors also. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they package items.

  9. Oh my...not a good day...but definitely a good hubby! Tomorrow is sure to be better!

  10. Yikes. what a crazy day! I can guess that it makes you appreciate the good things you already have and neighbors who really do care. You always see the bright side--I love that about you!

  11. What a mess! I've always found Amazone to make good on mistakes made, whether they're theirs or not. :) blessings, marlene

  12. Oh dear Carol!! If I were the superstitious type, I'd say this new "13" is after us :) :) But here's to a better day and lucky you for having a hubby so dear!


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