Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Quilt Group Makes A Birdie

I met with The Quilt Group the other day and we all attempted to make a birdie pincushion.
I think we needed some professional help with this one.

Maybe it was that we were talking too much.
Maybe it was the lack of cookies or too much sugar from all the Christmas goodies.
Whatever it was, we ended up with some pincushions that were...uh...interesting.

They weren't even close to being as cute as the birdies Deonn from Quiltscapes made.
Oh, sweet, sweet Deonn, I wish you had been there to help us!
She made the most beautiful birdie can find the instructions 
over at Riley Blake HERE and trust me, they are adorable! 
I'm definitely going to try to make these at home on another day!

I used Deonn's folding method to make these three trees for the giveaway basket.
Putting them in a clear gift bag and tying them up with some tulle makes them so much more fun.

 One of the birdie makers, Sharon, had one of these to use for making her corners look perfect.
This is absolutely going on my to-do list to make for myself and for gifts. 
A skewer, glue, and some beads...easy and so useful!
What a great gift this would make for anyone who sews!

I'm off to write Christmas cards...just a few...less than 20, and some of them will be hand delivered.
I remember the days when I would send out at least 50 cards.
Those days are gone, gone, gone due to the price of postage, plus I don't have THAT many friends!

The hubby and I took a long walk in the wonderful weather to take pictures for our card. 
I'll show you a few pics later and which one we picked to send out.
Are you sending Christmas cards this year?


  1. Oh the birdies. Cute Christmas trees though, and the skewer idea is great. I saw something similar using the turkey lacers for making a stiletto to use while you are sewing.

  2. The birdies might not be just like you envisioned but they are cute nonetheless. A friend gave me one of those but mine is made a little differnet. I will share mine on the blog today so you can see it.

    2 boxes of cards is what we normally send out. There would be more that I could but like you, you can't send to as many as you wish you could. And I know you have more than 50 friends... everyone loves you. :)

  3. Well, I love the little birdies! The red and white checked one is really cute. I think I have that pattern in my stash but have never made one. My Christmas cards are just about done.... I don't send many either... for the same reasons you stated.... but still send out to those that I don't see often. I guess I still send them because I enjoy receiving them.

  4. I love the little birdies! I too send fewer and fewer cards every year. It's sad as I get fewer then I send.

    Robin in Washington

  5. Oh your birdies do have attitude. I am down to less than a box full of cards to write this year. I do make a handfull of fabric postcards for the special people on my list. You know, the ones who realize it is hand crafted and won't staple it to a ribbon to hang with the others. I guess I have attitude too.

  6. I've been wanting to make some of her birdies too. They are soooo cute. I still have cards to do. It's always a big sigh of relief when they are in the mail!

  7. Carol, I am one of those crazies that sends out fifty cards. I honestly don't have that many friends either, just a lot of family! But you are ahead of me, I still need to get a decent photo of my kids to put in it. That creates a challenge within itself! It seems when three are looking, one is not! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your birds are too cute !! I don't think I've sent cards for the past few years. So/Sew Merry Christmas to a wonderful you and your loved ones !

  9. I miss receiving Christmas cards--I think this is becoming a lost art

  10. Your group's birds are better at tickling funny bones though Carol! I like them! Great idea for making a corner inner outer!

  11. Love your birdies - they have real attitude.

  12. I haven't sent Christmas cards in years. I used to do a newsletter type card but with Facebook, email and my blog I figure everyone already knows anything I would put in the newsletter and as you said postage is too high!

  13. Hi Carol,
    I love getting Christmas cards and send quite a few but this year the postage is astronomical here in the UK. I sent my foreign cards (US, Canada, Australia) and it cost me £35. I will have to look hard at this next year. The corner turner is a great idea and I adore the (slightly) misshapen birdies.

  14. Haha, honey, the little birdies are just adorable, and I love them! They are a little fiddly, I admit. Such cute fabrics, and it sounds like you gals had a blast together. Great idea to turn a skewer into a pokie. We used to do cards and a newsletter, but these days it's an email with a family picture.

  15. We still send about 100 cards. I keep trying to narrow it down but it's hard. We enjoy sending them. That might change after we retire. LOL
    I'm sorry the Birdies were not quite what was expect but look at the fun y'all had while trying.


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