Friday, December 26, 2014

A Drum Roll Please

The Monkey Boy's mom said it was "okay" so look what this sweet boy got from his grandma
 and grandpa for Christmas. He loved it and we loved his face when he sat down to play!

Time to get back in the quilting, sewing, and stitching mode in my VERY quiet and peaceful house.
I don't imagine it's very quiet and peaceful in the Monkey Boy's house now!

Did you know Madame Samm has a new blog about stitching...check it out!

Two blog hops coming, too!


  1. LOL - Carol, clearly you are the grandma and grandpa of every little child's dreams!

  2. That is the job of grandma and grandpa to get the toys that are noisy, messy....then we send them home with the new toy. :D

  3. I had to chuckle..first monkey boy looks sooooooo happy he is bursting....and my parents did the same thing to my kids when they were young....I shall never forget the months of very LOUD banging....mmmm I think I should do the same don’t you think.......we are home too..and I must say I am sooooooo pleased to be back..x

  4. And did you give the parents ear plugs for Christmas?! ;) How fun!

  5. What a fantastic gift ! Your a good grandma and grandpa !

  6. Aw, look at that happy face! Pretty awesome gift that he's sure to enjoy. Hope his parents have a soundproof room for him to keep it in. ;o)

  7. Hehehe. My family knows that one of those had better not ever show up at my house. I couldn't take it.

  8. Poor Mom and Dad!!!!! It looks like the perfect gift for the little guy.

  9. Great pic (and gift) Carol!!! My youngest son was a drummer from about 9 years old (hubby bought him his first set when I was out of state visiting one of my sisters)…turns out he was really good at it and I loved listening to him practice and play..…all the way through marching band in high school :)


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