Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hold That Potholder!

I really need new pot holders, but making them has been at the bottom of my list.
There's not a lot of need for them anyway...not much baking going on here!

Then I saw that Crafty Gemini made a pot holder oven mitt that was so easy.
Just what I need right now!

You can find her post about it HERE and she also included a template to make it even easier.
You could even trace around your hand or your favorite mitt to get the size you want.
I used her pattern...it fit me perfectly and I don't have tiny hands.
It took me about 30 minutes from start to finish, not including baking the chocolate chip cookies.
A great quick gift for any occasion! 

I like rolling the inside lining out to create a cuff...gives it a different look.
What's great about this oven mitt is the length (if you don't roll out the cuff.)
No more burned wrists!

I was so inspired by the oven mitt, I made those chocolate chip cookies.
Hmmm...what else can I go bake?


  1. Brownies! as long as there is vanilla bean ice cream in the house!

    I need to learn to make my own. I am always catching them on fire. lol

  2. Pinapple upside down cake! Yummy one of my favorites! I can't even make tea right! Boil water catch all the tea tags on fire! Just did it last week. Cute mitt! Thanks

  3. I think Cinnamon rolls. It is always good to have something extra yummy in your baking arsenal.

  4. Very cute mit - thanks for the link, that's a great gift idea. I've been on a cookie binge lately too, and all my cookie jars are filled. Just can't get enough after singing with Cookie Monster last week. Cookies, nom, nom, nom!

  5. Great mitt! ... mine are looking a bit ratty. Your cookies are making me hungry....think I'll head to the kitchen. Thanks for the link!

  6. Rosemary B here:
    You could bake ME some chocolate chip cookies......
    This mitt is adorable. I have RED ones I got from the dollar store haha
    I know, I need to make some new ones. My new son, Jason, Christabelle's hubbs, loves to cook and bake (what a prince)
    I should make him some big mitts.

  7. That looks so cute and the cookies look great too. Love your fabric choices.

  8. Love this! I'm headed over there to see her post and template!

  9. I saw that mitt and have already printed out the pattern to make a few after I finish a few other things. One of them will be used in my sewing room to use for difficult items to iron. Just have to put the mitt on and stick your hand inside of the item and iron away without burning yourself. I use a potholder for that now, but a mitt would be much easier. Have to say I agree with Rosemary B. ... but send them to me instead. ; )

  10. I'm the same way. Desperately need new oven mitts. Why do we put this off or to the bottom of our list? No time to squeeze it in before Christmas but bookmarking the pattern for the first of the year. Should be a good start don't you think. :)

  11. You could always make more chocolate chip biscuits and send them to me, if that would help?


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