Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Gift For Someone Who Sews

I always struggle to find just the right gift to sew for my family and friends,
but even more so when it's someone who already sews.
What could I possibly make for someone who sews better than me and has everything!

I just went for it and made a smaller version of my Just A Round Bag.

I filled it with a folded fabric star like the one Deonn made HERE,
a vintage spindle that's perfect for keeping binding ready to use,
a jar with some twine,
and some black and white bow tie pasta (just to show her my creepy side is still intact.)

A little bow in the back adds just a dressy touch to this sewing bag.
Hopefully, she'll enjoy my little gift!

XOX to her!


  1. I'm sure she will LOVE your beautiful gifts, Carol! Everything is so thoughtful and you used her favourite colours (and gingham too! :o)

    PS. That vintage spindle is so cool.

  2. She will adore it as she does you.

  3. hey! i sew!!!!
    Love the neat gift for a sewer

  4. it is sew beautiful Carol, no doubt anyone who receives this will be simply overjoyed..and the bow ....A for adorable..

  5. what a great idea the colors too!!

  6. Anyone who sews would love the bag as well as peeps who done sew! It's fabulous!

  7. I have one of those round bags. If she likes hers half as much as I like mine it Will be a super duper hit ! 😊

  8. What a great idea Carol! I have several of those vintage spindles I bought at a junk store last summer - I think I'll be giving those to my stitching buddies this year! blessings, marlene

  9. I think anyone would be pleased with these sweet gifts from the heart! Beautiful job!

  10. What a beautiful gift Carol!!! Love this smaller version of your Just A Round Bag!!!

  11. That is a great idea and so cute too.

  12. So pretty!! She is going to love this! A Fabulous Package!



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