Monday, December 8, 2014

A Christmas Quilt With Mandy

Thanks to my friend, Yelena, I hear Barry Manilow singing in my head this morning...

"Morning just another day
Happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes
I see a memory I never realized
How happy you made me

Oh Mandy..."

This is the other Mandy, all the way from Puerto Rico!
Her mama posted it on Facebook.


She's laying on a table topper quilt I made in 2010 for a Christmas party gift exchange.
Yelena won the quilt. I think I won a broken toy at that party.

I used the quilt-as-you-go method using a jelly roll.
Perfect for a quick and easy gift!

This is Yelena at the party. She doesn't always look like this,
but a little party food and drinks can do this to a person.

She's moved far, far away, but we have a lot of fun memories of our work time together.
Some stories are better left in our memories, but there's one that keeps us laughing.

Yelena calls me Joann, I call her Sue. That's because...
A long, long time ago we went to Starbucks during our lunch hour.
She told the barista her name was "Sue" which is what he wrote on her cup.
I told him my name was "Carol"...because that's my name. 
"Carol" was CLEARLY written on my cup.
We chatted while we waited for our drinks...mine was a green tea latte (I don't like coffee...gasp!)
Sue's drink came up on the counter and then another cup was set next to it.
I picked it up and drank a sip of it to make sure it was made right...UGH!
What the heck! It was coffee!
And then I saw it! Uh-oh.
Right there in big bold letters it said, "Joann".
Joann wasn't very happy that I was drinking out of HER cup.
Really she wasn't!
I think there were real daggers coming out of her eyes and they were aimed at me.
Sorry, Joann!
When my drink (with "Carol" written on the side) was ready, I grabbed it and we quickly left.
As often happens with good friends, we laughed hysterically about my mistake
and continue to do so. Thanks, Sue, for that fun memory of you at Starbucks!
Joann misses you a lot!

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  1. What a funny story - very pretty kitty. I've had a lot of no-reply's with my give away,too.

  2. Oh, crack me up. Friends with fun histories are the best.

  3. Cute story, Joann! And that's a mighty cute cat and table topper. I remember some of that fabric.

  4. Hilarious story! Just a point here....I was a no reply blogger. I had no idea what that meant until this post on Quiltville's page And I followed her steps and fixed the issue.

  5. Oh gosh...what an funny (now) story! I'm sure you both still chuckle about it.

  6. Cute story, Carol! I love memories that make you laugh every time you think of them. Is it too early to wish you "Merry Christmas"? I think not..."Merry Christmas!! Have a great time with family and friends throughout the season!

  7. Carol, what a great story. Thanks for the smile.

  8. Cute kitty! Hope you can reply to this post. Trying to check to see if I am one of those no reply bloggers so I can fix it!

  9. I have this quilt fabric! I love it!

  10. What a great story Carol. Thanks for the smiles and laughs!

  11. What a terrific story. I'm sure I'll smile each time I pass Starbucks thinking of JoAnn. Mandy looks so comfy on your table topper.

  12. OK, so you took a drink and then handed it to the lady with fire in her eyes......haha did she drink it ?

  13. Oh my there are some serious big cat eyes here!! Glad you got your "proper" drink...they never write names around here, that sounds like a smart idea unless you are at the counter, that is...ha! Fun memories we hold close with our friends. Thanks for the smile.

  14. Mandy has such beautiful big eyes! If I were Joann, one look at your face and I would have burst into laughter! LOL!



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