Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Dog Gone Cute Linky Party

It's a Linky Party at Sew Fresh Quilts! So many of us got hooked on making
Dog Gone Cute blocks and now we can see who else went dog crazy.
Check out all the links HERE!

I was definitely into those pups and made a ruffled quilt with six different dogs.

I took my pups on a road trip for pics...

Dogs on the rocks

Dogs with a view

Life is good with a dog!

Check out Sew Fresh Quilts to see all the links and dogs...so many adorable projects!

Sew Fresh Quilts

Thanks, Lorna, for making me go nuts over these cute pups!


  1. Carol, I love the red! Those pups really pop. Your photo shoot is just too dog gone cute, too! XO

  2. Adorable! You did a great job selecting colors. It gives the puppies the spotlight. Love it!

  3. I love this in the red to pop those pups. And the ruffle, how cute!!

  4. What a Adorable quilt ! Love the RED !!!!

  5. You did good Carol, this is a very fun version!!

  6. Such a gorgeous quilt! Love the red!

  7. Cute. I really like the reds with this design.

  8. Get outta here! This quilt just gets cuter and cuter each time I see it! You are a good dog gone cute quilter to take your dog, er, I mean quilt out for a lovely walk to get all those beautiful photos!

  9. Gorgeous pictures Carol. But then, the quilt is so dog gone cute, how could you go wrong. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Great photos, Carol! I love the Western one on the fence, and Life is Good perfectly matches the playful mood. Such a fun quilt!!

  11. You've created a stunning and adorable puppy quilt! I love your colors, ruffles and polka dots!!

  12. I love the pups in red as well. Really cute pattern.

  13. We had a sneak peek of your cute little quilt early in the blog hop! I so loved the addition of the delicate ruffle...."Ruff" le,,,so stinkin' cute!


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