Sunday, July 6, 2014

What's Up For September

Sew We Quilt is having a little blog hop break, but that doesn't mean I'm not busy sewing.
Quite the opposite!
I have 3 projects to make for the next blog hop in September!

I've started sewing two of them, but of course I can't show them yet
so occasional snippets all summer will have to do.

I think I'm in over my head with this one.
It has a gazillion applique pieces and since I'm pattern challenged, 
I'm...well...a little whole lot challenged with this one. 
It's not an easy pattern to follow (it can't possibly be me!)
Hopefully, I can get it together by September or it won't be seeing you.

ends on July 8th. Look who's been hopping!

June 5 - Jedi Craft Girl

June 10 - Nancy Zieman

June 12 - The Sassy Quilter

June 17 - Just Let Me Quilt

June 19 - Simple Simon & Co

June 24 - Haberdashery Fun

June 26 - Sew We Quilt

July 1 - Jina Barney Designz 

I hope you're having a great summer so far!


  1. Off to take a look at the blogs. Thank you. Happy sewing.

  2. Also nearly finished nr. 1, just need a lot of quilting......
    we are on track, Carol, let's go on :-)

  3. love the snippet...and i am almost done of one and have a couple ok, maybe 4-5 planned the best of 3 I will show wink...

  4. Intriguing snippet! Oh I'm sure you'll master the pattern, or at least complete the finish! I too must get busy. I have one started but have no idea what I'm doing for #2 and #3! Happy Summertime and stay cool!


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