Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sew, Sew, Chalk Paint

I spent a few days away from my sewing machine (and I missed it!)
to spend time with my favorite Monkey Boys!

But, I'm baaack!

So much to sew, so little time...especially when I slip in other crafty stuff.

My sister wanted a mirror from Costco so we hurried off to get "the deal."
It was six feet long! 
We looked like Lucy and Ethel getting it in the back of my car, but we did it.
My hubby saw it at my sister's house after we brought it home and thought we should have one, too.
We got one, of course, since he rarely gets in a house decorating mood.

Unfortunately, as beautiful as the brown finish was, it DID NOT look good with my black furniture.

I decided to paint it with chalk paint (not the kind used for chalkboards.)

My sister is one of those DIY kind of people and has used chalk paint before and does wonders with it.
I found this brand at Home Depot.

I think I'm in love with chalk paint! I love, love, love it!

I'm looking around my house for more things to paint just so I can use the chalk paint again.
Fun and easy! My kind of crafty!

Have you used chalk paint?


  1. It looks great too! Before long someone will chalk their initials on it!!

  2. Yup! Painted the inside of my sewing room cupboards with more losing my silly pieces of paper! Love your photo!

  3. Wow. What a difference! Looks beautiful, Carol.

  4. Two things.... first, I love the new finish on your mirror! I don't like a glossy black, but really love the chalky finish. And second.... I have that same little figurine by the paint jar! I just looked at the back of mine and it says K. Findling (?) 1990...same as yours? Like minds, I guess. ;)

  5. Looks great! I have only used it once. I liked the coverage it gave. Your room looks beautiful, maybe I need one.

  6. Hi!!! It looks great!!!! I also like the look of the chalk paint!!!

  7. It looks beautiful...see painting is really addicting..I seem to paint something at least once a week...this weekend, I painted shutters at the chalet....I did not use chalk paint though lol

  8. What a great idea~ did you hide the chalk from budding artists? :-) I'd love to do the insides of my cabinet doors. Have a happy week!

  9. Wow, this is looking good! Love how it turned out. Your house looks so nice.

  10. I have used Annie Sloan Chalk paint on several pieces of furniture and I love the way it covers everything. I love the way your mirror turned out. Beautiful!!!

  11. Welcome back. Hope you had a blast with your little monkey boys.

    I like the black way better than the brown too. Turned out terrific! The level you put it on the wall is perfect. So many people hang pictures, etc. too high on the walls. I love your red leather sofa too!

  12. Like! Just don't overdo it and paint everything black.

  13. Ahhh...chalk paint bliss! Your mirror looks tres chic. Definitely when hubby says get one...Get One! I hope you find lots to chalk paint.

  14. I made my own chalk paint recently to do my weird little shelf that DH found for me. I have an old found buffet which has really great bones but I am still hesitant to do it.

  15. I love the way you hung the mirror! It is so fun to try a different kind of paint. Love it!


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