Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Kind Of Summer

That Other Lady recently posted some gorgeous photos on her blog showing her yard, flowers, and cat.
(You can check them out HERE)

She said she'd love to see some of our summer photos so off I went to take pictures of my yard. hydrangeas. No pretty kitty. No sheets on the line.

Throwing my "Pollyanna" hat on, I worked to find something good about my summer yard.

“Oh, yes; the game was to just find something about
everything to be glad about—no matter what 'twas”
 ― Eleanor H. PorterPollyanna

Summers in my part of the country are very hot, mainly because it is THE DESERT.
We have lots of rock landscaping to conserve water, but we have some grass for the dogs to play on, too.

We occasionally have summer storms to cool things off...yay!

My tomato plants are still producing, but they are starting to look very wilted and brown from the heat.

 We have flowers, but they are definitely not as beautiful as That Other Lady's flowers! 

As for a fluffy kitty that poses for the camera...nope...don't have that, either.
But, I do have my Bruster who was forced to sit still for my photo.
He didn't like it. Sumatra needs to teach him a thing or two about posing.

I begged a little more and at least he perked up his ears and pulled in his snaggle teeth.

So...what's happening in your summer?

Are you busy sewing? Don't forget the blog hops coming up!

There are still openings for Rush Hour...let me know if you want to join the fun!


  1. Brewster is like "Really want me to pose like a CAT !@@^&*() I love the desert flowers....crepe myrtle and blooming cactus ?

  2. There is beauty in every backyard and yours is no exception. Bruster is a doll and I also see a cute little lizard hanging out. Thanks for sharing your wonderland!

  3. Loving your yard and your adorable poochie!

  4. I love summer at your place..Bruster is adorable he looks soo on those tomatoes , your flowers...the sky...beautiful pics

  5. Awe Brewster is a cutie, he is just not sophisticated like Sumatra. I love your yard, at least with no dirt, no weeds. You were photo bombed by the lizard tho.

  6. love your crape mytle mine is in full bloom and we have two, not counting the one Tommy built our porch over.

  7. Your photos are also beautiful! The summer in the desert is just a different kind of beauty.
    Poor Bruster. He looks like he's trying so hard to smile despite the heat!

  8. Buster is just adorable and your tomatoes don't look that bad we don't have any up her in Ontario. I don't live too far from that other "lady" maybe I should go and check her out. Giggle! We have had weird summer one day hot net day cool and lots of rain. Me I like it but lots don't .

  9. There is a lot of beauty at your place. Bruster is a good sport and has great expression. If you want to see my place, I have about 4 hours of mowing to do....

  10. Rosemary b here:
    Well... my next residence will not have a yard. I know, sad, but I have had enough of this. It is bug city on the east coast. We have hired LEGAL immigrants to do our lawn this year... hubbs and I never thought we would resort to having someone else do our yard maintenance, but that is what it is. We are too busy.
    SO with that said... your yard looks quite inviting.
    and Bruster is a sweet boy and loves his mum, so he did not run from the camera.

  11. Your yard is just as beautiful as that other lady's yard. A different beautiful but just as beautiful indeed. Thanks for sharing! And no sewing or yard pictures for me. I'm still in MO spoiling those babies home from Japan.

  12. I love flowers and all the things God creates on this earth. It's the little pleasures we all enjoy. Add a couple of cute dogs and life is good!

  13. I like your photo shoot just as much as that other lady's. Yours isn't bad, it is just different. Just think of how much warmer you are in the winter than she is.

  14. Just like God made each of us different but beautiful, so did He make all kinds of country & climates. Samm's is gorgeous but so is yours - just in a different way. Isn't it fun to really look at the color of the sky, the shape of leaves, the color of the tomatoes? I love it when people show where they live because it's often a place I'll never get to see and I want to see it all! :) blessings, marlene


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