Monday, October 29, 2012

Wicked--Day 6 AND The Ghastlie Bag

Have I ever told you that I'm terrible at following patterns and directions?
I think I've mentioned it a few times.
Making this bag was no different. I started with the Simplicity #2357 pattern,
but it wasn't quite right for what I wanted, so....
I made it bigger, the strap got longer, a slot for a pocket was added, and
my Ghastlie block was set-in one of the fabric pieces.
I liked it better, of course.
It's perfect for my on-the-go quilty projects
(with a pocket for my scissors and other necessities.)


Things just get creepier and creepier

as we move on to Day 6 of....
Thank you to the frighteningly Wicked Wendy for hosting this spooky hop!

HUGE thanks to the monstrously wonderful
 Madame Samm for her behind-the-scenes madness.
All the terrifying creations are pinned on her Pinterest page.

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Monday, October 29th

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  1. What a great bag you made ... love it !!

  2. I think I like you better and better each day....I am not good at following any kind of pattern....which is why I like you...this is fantastic...I really like big is it?

  3. That looks like such a comfy bag!

  4. Men, need directions just to get it right while women use the back of the directions sheet to sketch and make it BETTER!!
    I love your bag! (can I say that?)


  5. Oooh, the black background really makes the Ghastlie print pop out at you! Steak Sauce!

  6. What a practical use for Ghastlies, love it!

  7. Great bag, I think the fabric is a great choice too and the bag looks fun to make and wear !

  8. Oh look at that, you already made your block into a great bag, a lovely bag!

  9. What a cool bag. Love the colours. For a second, I thought it was an apron. Hm-got me thinking-

  10. YOUR BAG IS GREAT!!!! even if it is GHASTLY, LOL!!!!! you are so funny....... who does read directions, honestly, I don't most of the time, lol......I don't know why I waste my time writing them, hardly anyone reads them. Even in our tight little quilting group, they're always calling or texting me to ask me things...and I try not to remind them the directions were included in the pattern, lol.
    I was fascinated by the ghastlie block last time and wondered what you were up to. That is one wicked block whipped up into a fantastic shape! I LOVE IT!! Is it different enough for you to do your own pattern? Maybe Samm will do a bag it blog? And you can win for that great block on that awesome tote bag...


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