Friday, October 12, 2012

New Tool, Winner Winner!

I won some fabric from Debby Kratovil Quilts and a $25 gift certificate from Quilted Works. Such a lucky week for me! Maybe I should visit a casino and see if my luck holds out. Nah...I'm smart enough to know that it isn't the lucky people's money that builds those beautiful gambling places and that me winning anything is a rare event. 

I used the Quilted Works certificate to buy a little more Halloween fabric
(I never have enough, of course.)

There was a new fun tool at Quilted Works...
(I never need a ripper, so this info is for other people--LOL!)
This little seam ripper not only rips out those mistakes
that sometimes happen, but also has a rubber part that
brushes those annoying little threads away. 
I love it...I mean I WOULD love it if I ever made mistakes.


  1. Ohhh your rat looks like it is giggling lol or picking something lol ok if i ever made mistakes too and needed a ripper which i do not have btw, i suppose this would be great....however i am not sure i would ever use it, but i would like to know it ws somewhere if only.....and congrats on the wins....surely there has to be another win somwhere....

  2. Pretty in pink.

    Robin in washington State
    assweetaspeaches hotmail


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