Friday, October 19, 2012

The New Lady On My Blog

She is so ME!

I'm usually half-asleep or working with one eye 
open while the other one rests because
I don't always get a lot of sleep.

I'm lucky if I end up with make-up on even one eye,
but that purple eye shadow would definitely make me look fabulous
if I took some time to put some on!

I just got my hair cut--it looks almost exactly like hers..
short and two different cool.

My hand is on a mouse almost all of my
waking hours...really it is. I blog, I do
genealogy, and I do admin type stuff at work.

We could be twins!
(IF she was flat-chested and weighed a few more pounds, or
if she didn't look so gorgeous with those shapely lips and eyes.)

I love her in spite of her silly, glamorous flaws!

P.S. I didn't create her...someone far more talented than me put her parts together.
P.S.S. Thank you "Far More Talented" lady!


  1. Oh Carol, I love your new banner!! It is so you darlin'! I love your signature too! Super cute ans fun!

  2. I love your new lady! She is adorable, just like you! Have a wonderful weekend, but please open both eyes before you use a rotary cutter!

  3. Love it!!!! you know you're gorgeous must have had fun making this new page...I don't have that talent....nice job!!

  4. Ohhh I think she is a mirror of you in many all the shades of purple...or grape or wine...what color is that lol

  5. Take a pic of you and let us see.. I bet your just as adorable.. refresh your blog with the gorgeous you !!

  6. A virtual makeover! Lovely ladies-both of you.

  7. Your new "you" looks great-- I am sure the muse was a good model to base her on!

  8. She looks great! I just tried to send an email to the address in your profile and it bounced back (have a question for you that I don't want to ask in the comments section) Can you please email me?


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