Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now What?

Bowls With Borders is over and now I'm not
sure what to do with all my extra time.

No more reminder emails (some of you will be so glad about that) and 
no more oohs and aahs each morning as I looked at the newest bowl creations.

What do, what to do, what to do......

Well, there is that other hop coming up with Corrie....

A little black and white peek at what I'm sewing on this week.
Yep, there's dots!

And this hop with Cherry is a month away....I've got some ideas floating in my head.....

....oh, oh, oh, and there's this hop, too! SCARY! Wendy's ready to show her wicked side with this one!

I could work on all those unfinished projects that are waiting for me to bind them, quilt them, or just sew them together. Nah!

I DO look forward to catching up on all the blog posts I've missed, so I may be making comments on posts  made two (or three) weeks ago.

Of course, there's this that ends tonight
and then I'll be busy picking a winner:

I just love my little cheerleader...
thank you, Madame Samm!


  1. I'm like you! I usually do the blog hop before I go to work and now...this morning I don't have a hop to do! No more stacks of bowls with all the pretty fabrics and wonderful ideals! Hummm....I'll be waiting for lots of dots to appear before my eyes!

  2. Yes we can feel with you, even your work was much bigger!!! Ours was the pleasure to hop. Loved it so much and wow, I missed it too!Great that there are other hops coming, looking forward to it!

  3. Thanks, Carol, for the Bowls with Borders blog hop. It was an excellent start to the day. Looking forward to Dots.

  4. Thanks for the Bowls and Border hop.And What to do?A cake or a break.Have fun!!

  5. I loved the Bowls with Boarders swap. I wish I had joined the dots :) Next time I guess.

  6. You are a wun-der-FULL cheerleader and I'm so glad I get to follow your lead!! Enjoy the moment before the ideas get rolling again :)

  7. We did so appreciate all you did for us. It was such a fun hop. I didn't know about the dots blog hop so I'm not in it, but I can't wait to see the results. I'll be looking for the next hop to join. Thank you for making it so special

  8. Being on the west coast, I could do my hopping before going to bed! Thank you for being the Hostess for the fantastic Bowls with Borders. I sent a note to Regina to thank her for providing the pattern to the wonderful bowl builders. She made some converts I am sure. I purchased the pattern when I saw the first bowl! Need to support the Sponsors. Thanks again.

  9. It was fun and I look forward to the new hops.


  10. Dear Carol, I had so much fun doing this BlogHop, Thank you again for being the Hostess. You did such a great Job. And I loved your kind reminders!
    All my best Renate

  11. Ha, the black monster of no more bowls hit you also... I planned a day out with quilting friends just to not going cold turkey.
    What to do next, I pick up the unfinished work and keep a sharp eye on Mme Samm blog for a new hop, I hope for some kind of spring hop, or am I going to fast?
    Thanks again for all the fun, and I'm not saying goodbye, I'll follow you, put my nose in your blog where ever I can. Yes, yes, I know you like short and sweet comment, do you know how difficult that is???


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