Sunday, August 5, 2012

Annie's Postcard

Annie at Annie's Musings makes these really cute, unique, and amazing little postcards. They aren't just any, no, no...they are fabric postcards that have had me eyeing them ever since I first saw them on her blog. She even has instructions on how to make them (I bought the stuff--gotta make them!)  Well, I am one lucky lady because she sent me one. When I saw it today, I think Annie heard the whooping and hollering all the way to her place. Love it! She is one gifted postcard maker..really, she is!
Thanks, Annie!


  1. Congrats, Carol! Annie's postcards are amazing and you are a very fortunate lady to be on her mailing list! I bet this will give you some inspiration to make a few more bowls! Enjoy the mail!

  2. The postcard is really neat. Congratulations for receiving one.

  3. Beautiful postcard ... her work looks amazing and is entirely enjoyable :) Yay you for receiving one!!

  4. Wow! Lucky you - it's gorgeous!

  5. Hi Carol...I'm really happy that you love it! I'm blushing from such kind words from you. I thank you for wanting one!

  6. wow, that is really cool!!! you are one lucky duck to have such talented friends!


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