Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bowls With Borders--August 21st...Plus...

I interrupt this regularly scheduled....uh...schedule to
show you something I received today
(did you hear the squeal around the world?)

Yes, it is bowls. Christmas bowls just for me as a reminder of this
amazing hop that involved so many wonderful people from around the world.
Madame Samm, busy, busy lady that she is, took some of her precious time to sew this
beautiful stack of bowls for me. I love it! A lot love it!
Thank you, Madame Samm, for making me something so special.
I'll be showing it off again later when I get some borders on it.
Oh yeah, that bottom bowl is a cute little pocket--more to love about it!

 And now, back to the regularly scheduled...

It’s so exciting!
ALL these bowls are just

There's more....check out these bowls:

August 21st

Don't forget to hop over to Sew We Quilt to
visit Madame Samm and see her top picks of the day.

All the blocks will be posted on
Madame Samm's Pinterest page, too.

Click on these Ghastlie ladies to get to a giveway (you'll find it towards the bottom of the post)


  1. I like the bowls you got, they are very pretty and you deserve them, for all the work you had with this blog hop.

  2. ooo this christmas bowls are amazing! beautiful

  3. Good Morning Carol...ohhh they arrived..well you may to check your mail again...email too..something else has your name on it ...oh yes..it does and it is ohhhh you will know soon enough ...glad you like..

  4. Wow,I agree,these Christmas bowls are just beautiful!

  5. WOW, Carol that is SOOOOOOO cute!! Madam Samm sure is inventive & generous with her time and resources!! That pocket is over the top and those fabrics so cute. Then on top of that bowl blog hop label!! It's such a good idea. I'll have to ask Madam Samm if I can use her logo to have my friend make one of those for my bowls quilt. She's always printing on fabric (and I've never done it).

  6. Carol - Thank you so much for all your hard work on this blog hop-it's so much fun to visit around the world without leaving our homes. I always chuckle at Google's translations but I am thankful for them as some languages are not so easy to dicepher. Madame Samm is really creative-her holiday bowls are very cute and the pocket leads me to think that one could make a place to display holiday cards with that idea in mind. From California

  7. What a wonderful gift to give you and such fun fabric.


  8. What a neat gift, I am excited to see what you will add to it!

  9. Your Christmas bowls are a lovely reminder for your first time moderating a blog hop. I love the idea to make a pocket at the bottom. Thanks for all your hard work.

  10. Oh my, those Christmas bowls are the best! hat a great idea to put a pocket at the bottom! A generous and beautiful gift for what, I am sure, was a tough job well done! I must say to you Madam Samm and Regina for a wonderful hop! This was my first hop of this kind to participate in and I am having a ball! Sorry to say that I missed signing up for the leaf one but I'll catch the next available one. Thanks again and big hugs to all!!!

  11. OHH!! Preeee----ttttttyyyyy!! Very fitting Carol :)

  12. Oh, how very special. Those are such cute bowls and you deserve them for being such a fabulous hostess.

  13. How wonderful for you. Love the bowls. You deserve the wonderful present. You are a wonderful hostess. Job well done!!

  14. How awesome to receive such a wonderful gift from Madame Samm. Something to treasure. Every Christmas as you bring it out to display, it will bring back wonderful memories.

    Thanks for being our hostess for this hop. I totally have enjoyed it and appreciate all your hard work.

  15. Oh, my! I'm squealing in delight over your gift, Carol. How pretty! What a sweet treasure to remind you of this very special hop. Enjoy!

    Thanks so much for being our hostess for this wonderful hop!

  16. Wow and Wow! Those are so much fun. It's definitely worth a squeal!

  17. Hi!!!! Well you know I did hear a little squeal!!!! Beautiful!!!! And Madame Samm always finds something special to add!!!! How wonderful is that pocket!!!! Thanks


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