Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bowls With Borders--August 25th

The Ghastlie giveaway ends on August 29th--have you entered?
Click on these beautiful ladies to get to the giveaway
(check down towards the bottom of the post.)
Only a few days
left of new
bowl creations!
Check out today's bowls:

August 25th
visit Madame Samm and see her top picks of the day.

All the blocks will be posted on
Madame Samm's Pinterest page, too.


  1. Books, Hooks, and Sticks didn't have anything posted about Bowls with Borders :(

  2. The Learning Curve Quilts and Such didn't have anything posted about BwB either :(

  3. I love how a lot of the bowls has little extras and 3D flowers, makes them fun.



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