Monday, June 12, 2023

PIGS Are Coming And Other News

I still laugh when I see "PIGS" being described as our unfinished quilt projects. I definitely feel like a fabric pig when I see my pile of sacks, Ziplock bags, and containers of projects waiting to be finished!

Next week will reveal all those PIGS we've finished for Joan at Moosestash Quilting's blog hop, "When Pigs Fly." I can't wait to see what got finished! This link (click HERE) will get you to her post about it and show you who's pigged out on finishing their projects.

There's still time to sign-up for my blog hops, "Picnic Party", "It's A Dog's Life", and my annual "Virtual Christmas Cookie Exchange." Just let me know if you want to join in. Check out the new one's Joan has on her blog, too.

Joan and I have both posted about having issues with our email subscription services. We changed services to "" and are hoping this one works without charging us a fortune. 

I'm so sorry about this, but you will need to sign up again (if you haven't in the last couple days) to get new posts emailed directly to your inbox. You won't be getting any spam emails from them, just my posts when I publish new ones. My sign up is on the right hand sidebar as well as below. Just add your email information and they will send you an email to verify that you agree to receive them. After that, you are good to go.

You will need to go to "Moosestash Quilting" to sign for Joan's posts as well. Her blog posts always make me smile!

It's been a busy month so far!

These three monkeys came to visit for a!

More adventures with Charlie...

He graduated from his training, but he has a LONG WAY to go.
Yes, they actually gave him a mortarboard!

We're working on car rides. He hates them! 
He'll only sit on the backseat floor.

My backyard is full of amazing things...



Donut Peaches


Lemons that will be ready by Christmas


I hope your summer is off to a great start!
Mine gets even better in a few days when I fly off to see the rest of those monkeys,
including this little cutie.


  1. I use Follow it to get posts and it's sending me yours. Little cutie in your post, and all those delicious things growing!

  2. It's been an adventure in finding a new email subscription service, that's for sure. Thankfully you had so many other great things happening, to let it bother you too much. Your yard looks amazing and well...those monkey boys and girl are such a joy! I know you are having the time of your life with them right now. Enjoy your visit with them!

  3. Your cuties are so cute! Looks like they were having a great time. I love seeing your garden, makes me want to plant some fruit trees. I bet that mint bed smells wonderful. I laugh every time I see the PIGS reminder too - lol!


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