Friday, June 30, 2023

Getting Back In The Groove Of Things

I got back from Ohio a few days ago after being gone two weeks to hangout with my daughter, son-in-law, Monkey Boys and that sweet Monkey Girl. It was fabulous!

I didn't have my sewing machine (gasp) so there was a bit of withdrawal at first. I got over that quick when the home improvement projects began at my daughter's house. 

Monkey Boy #2 is quite the handyman. He installed this ceiling lamp and laughed at the big shock he got when accidently touching two wires together. I didn't laugh at the big flaming ball that flashed for a moment. It took a while for the numbness to leave his hands. I'm too old for that kind of scare!

We painted the 1960's colored walls with a nice gray with white trim. Even I got up on a ladder and did my share, and the rest of the family pitched in, too. The youngest boys did their part by supervising while using their electronic toys.

There was swimming at the hotel pool.

Shopping for football shoes.

He got into a mechanic's class, so we went tool shopping.

There's only one little quilt shop in the area and we went so my quilting/fabric shopping
needs were met and it helped with the withdrawals. I bought one thing.

We went to Ritter's ice cream place...yum!

Their trampoline has a net around it and I managed to squeeze this chubby and old body
through the opening. No photos of me and no paramedics were called to extract me from it
when we were through playing in there. I got out on my own. 

She wasn't sure about having grandma on her trampoline.

These two stayed at the hotel with me on two different nights. It was nice to have the company.

It was so hard to leave!

One nice thing about coming home was that Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks came to visit.
We had a blast getting a Starbucks treat, visiting two quilt stores, going to lunch,
visiting the Bellagio Garden, and dropping a few bucks into the casino machines.
We also might have won a little bit!

The Bellagio Garden is so pretty to walk through.

One day wasn't enough with this sweet lady!

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  1. You have a really good looking bunch of grandkids!

  2. Oh Carol, you have the sweetest looking family. Happy to hear you had a nice visit with them, followed by more fun with a quilting friend. I look forward to seeing what everyone gets up to with the blog hops.

  3. Looks like you had loads of fun with the Monkey Boys & Girl! Vegas is a spot that I would like to visit some day; just haven't gotten there yet.

  4. It sounds like just the trip of family time I'd hoped you'd have. To come home to a visit, even a short one, with a good friend sounds like a great way to shift back to life as you know it.

  5. Your trip looks like a blast! Looks like you are a treasured person with your family. :) Loved all the photos.

  6. How awesome to have time with all the little and bigger Monkeys! Sounds like a wonderful trip. Glad you and Carla had some time together as well. I've been missing her part in the blog hops, but you and Joan carry on quite well! LOL

  7. What fun you had! I love seeing how big they are all getting and then to have Carla visit afterwards - what a treat!


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