Monday, May 3, 2021

Looking To The Future In Blog Hops

Joining up with Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks and Joan from Moosestash Quilting for blog hops has gotten my quilting excitement fired up. We've got a whole year of blog hops planned for you to join in or just watch for inspiration. It will be so fun for all of us and we'd love to have you play along!

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is like being a part of a quilt guild, but not leaving your house to participate or pay fees. Participants "show and tell" their sewing and/or quilt related projects on their blogs with a related theme or challenge. 

Who hosts our blog hops?

Carla from Creatin' in the Sticks, Joan from Moosestash Quilting and me, Carol from Just Let Me Quilt, take turns hosting the blog hops and themes/challenges.  

What do I have to sew?

We post a challenge on our blogs and those who want to join in.

What information do you need from me to join a blog hop?

We need your name, email address, blog name, and blog URL. Your info is used for blog hops only and is not shared or sold! After we get that info, we assign a date for you to post your project. 

What do I need to know about posting on my assigned day?

We give everyone plenty of time to sew something. It's important that you post your project on your day! You can preset your blog post to go live any time after 11 p.m. Mountain Standard Time. It's okay if it pops up early...that's better than being late.

If your project isn't quite done, show it anyway. People remember if you're a no show...we don't want that!

Visit the other blogs in the hop. That's where you will gain some amazing friends.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the sweet fun of a blog hop! We inspire each other with projects, tutorials, or patterns. Anyone can follow along!

Here is a list of the blog hops for the rest of the year. 
Whichever one of us is hosting the blog hop is who you need to contact to sign-up. 


You don't need to sign-up right now as we will announce them again about two months before each one starts. The list of blog hops is only to help your creative mind get moving with ideas. I'm okay if you want sign-up ahead of time for my blog hops. 

Born to be Wild - Hosted by Carol - Just Let Me Quilt
Challenge: Sew something that's jungle related....jungle animals, 
wild colors or designs, or jungle fabrics.


Fairy Tales - Hosted by Joan - Moosestash Quilting
Challenge: What's your fairy tale? 

It's A Guy Thing - Hosted by Carol - Just Let Me Quilt
Challenge: Make something for a guy or tomboy, or in 
manly-man colors of blues, grays, browns, etc.

Orange You Glad - Hosted by Carla - Creatin' in the Sticks
Challenge: Think orange, think citrus, think orange peel, or maybe 
the joke about "orange you glad we didn't say banana!"

I'm falling for YOU - Hosted by Joan - Moosestash Quilting
Challenge: Fall projects, falling in love, falling down stairs...check with Joan for her ideas!

Ghastly Ghouls - Hosted by Carol - Just Let Me Quilt
Challenge: Halloween things...quilts, dolls, bags, etc.

No Ring November Mug Rug - Hosted by Carla - Creatin' in the Sticks
Challenge: Mug Rugs! (or coasters if you prefer)

Christmas Virtual Cookie Exchange - Hosted By Carol - Just Let Me Quilt
Challenge: This has been a yearly tradition of sharing favorite recipes, 
Christmas traditions, and Christmas projects.

If you don't have a blog, they are easy and free to create in Google Blogger. We can host you on our blogs, but those spots are limited.

Carla, Joan, and I also design and host a Halloween Facebook page, Cackling Stitches. Right now there is a block of the month going on. If you love Halloween, we'd love to have you join us HERE.

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Wow at all of the goodness to come! I am already signed up for Ghastly Ghouls, and Born to be Wild. Will definitely be joining in a few more. Blessings.

  2. I do love a blog hop - thanks to you, carla and joan for organising these for us :)

  3. Looks like a lot of fun coming up! These are always fun to visit. You 3 do a great job of hosting!

  4. As one of your designers - this kind of information is tremendously helpful. It helps me plan my posts for the coming months. And I can start the publicity ball rolling. I know it's probably a PITA to do all this, but it is definitely appreciated.

  5. Wow, so much to think about. I will certainly take part in some of the blog hops.

  6. I’m already signed up for a couple but oh the fun projects we can make for the others. Ideas are definitely rolling around my head 😉

  7. I would like to sign up for the July "It's a Guy Thing" blog hop. Jan O at
    ochterbeckj at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Carol,
    Looking forward to all the Blog Hops.
    Thanks for hosting, have a great day!


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