Saturday, January 4, 2020

To Say "Thank You" Takes Less Than A Minute

I posted this on my Facebook page today and have loved all the responses.
Thought I'd share it with you.

"Several years ago I read a blog post about people not saying “thank you” to a designer for
 free patterns they received. At that time I hadn’t designed any patterns to share for free or to 
sell, but it made me more conscious about letting people know I appreciated their pattern. 

 Though it can take less than a minute to download a free pattern, it can take the designer 
several hours, days, or weeks to create, test, and finish a pattern. Yes, we sometimes make
 mistakes, but we don’t do it on purpose. I’m always shocked when I see someone’s rude 
comment calling out a designer for their mistake or telling them they didn’t like the design. 
It’s okay not to say anything if you don’t like it. 

 Now that I often share free blocks or quilt patterns, I totally appreciate the “thank you’s” 
I receive for them. Seriously, I love it! 

So I’m asking you to just take a minute to say “thank you” to the designer that gave you a 
free block or quilt pattern. I promise you it will make their day and you’ll feel good, too."


Negative comments are a rarity among the quilter's world and I'm so glad for that.


  1. I should say thank you more often. I have a lot of free patterns from various designers and it has helped me to grow as a quilted because I would have never tried some of my favorite techniques if I had to pay for the pattern. I’d have just continued thinking I couldn’t handle them.

  2. We all love the patterns and the tutorials, not to mention the inspiration from you, Carol. Thank you for all you do!!

  3. When I sold patterns on Craftsy I would get dozens to 100's of downloads for my free patterns and only once did anyone thank me through a posting of their project on Craftsy, which I was unaware of for months because Craftsy didn't notify us. When I would sell a pdf I would email the purchaser and thank them for buying my pattern and only once did I get a response back and she was rather surprised that I thanked her and said I was the only one who ever sent her a thank you after she purchased a pattern. Now that I am selling through Makerist, I do not have the emails or even know who is purchasing my patterns and loading my free ones. I do have my email shown on all my patterns so someone could email me. I think when you get free patterns from Facebook groups it is easier to thank the designer on the page where the pattern is given, but on blogs or other sites that sometimes offer freebies through a 3rd party it can be hard to know how to track the designer down. I am guilty of not always thanking designers and I think that when they offer a free pattern a thank you is like getting paid.
    So Carol thank you for all your patterns that you have offered over the years, even if I never downloaded them or never made one, I thank you for the time it took you to create it and offer it for free. Cheers!

  4. Oh my--I think I used to say Thank you--long time ago--but for some reason--I haven't done it lately--bad me--thank you--thank you for speaking up and reminding some of us to do just that--
    have an awesome day--luv, di

  5. That is a great point. Thanks for sharing it and thanks for hosting all your quilt alongs.

  6. I try to do this every time I download a free pattern. I know there have been times I was unable to do so or was in a hurry and forgot. So, in case I have ever missed thanking you for a free pattern or tutorial, thank you, Carol. As a former music teacher, I know how long it takes to write lesson plans, compose a practice piece of music and so forth. Again, thanks for all you you do, including the blog hops and quilt-alongs.

  7. I try to say thank you for a free pattern, even if it is not something I will ever make. Being polite can make a huge difference for everyone. It is like telling a student how well they are doing a particular task/behavior...suddenly everyone is doing the same because they want the same attention!! Thank you for talking about the need for a polite "thank you" to someone for their hard work...even if I buy the pattern, I'm not putting as much work into it as the creator of the pattern has invested in it! Thank you, Carol, for all that you do for bloggers everywhere!! You make a positive difference to so many of us!!

  8. Great suggestion, Carol. It's nice to hear that a thank you means so much.

  9. It's so sad that saying Thank You has really gone by the wayside. I have often given a quilt or a gift with no response. In September I made a quilt as a wedding gift, left it at the wedding, and have never heard back from the couple. Do they just throw it away? Or maybe it becomes the dog bed? It makes me not want to give handmade gifts. I often give little gifts to my daughters in law and they also don't even acknowledge. Is it just the younger generation that has never learned about politeness? Sorry to rant. But thank you for your designs and hosting.

  10. Thank you, Carol, for the great reminder. I try always to acknowledge and thank designers. I would like to thank you in advance, just in case you give permission, for me to use your little flash "thank you" icon in an email to my friends to thank them now and then for something wonderful they give to me, like their love and friendship. May I use it, but not commercially, just in a personal note? I am a new follower, but will follow and give thanks to you.

  11. Thank you for the gentle reminder

  12. I am a big believer of Thanking designers for their works and generosity of sharing with us. Carol Thank You for taking your time to write this post to remind us. And...Thank You for all of your designs and patterns and blogging and sharing! I do not quilt however I love seeing what you clever talented people create. <3

  13. I try to say either thank you, or I appreciate your sharing, or something, but we probably all forget sometimes. What I don't understand is people who DO come up with something rude to say. It's free - just walk away if it isn't for you! You've never made anything that I didn't love, so far as I can remember!

  14. well thank you! not only for your work and sharing but for reminding us that acknowledging a gift creates a ripple of goodness in the world.

  15. Thanks for this reminder at the start of a new year. I think I have been slipping in this regard. I try to be good but I get in a hurry and just save or print and run off. Will step up my game a bit. :)


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