Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Nested Hearts In A Valentine Banner

 Valentine's Day is only a short time away so I thought I'd get a jump on the whole 
"love" holiday by putting up a banner to show there is definitely love in my house.
There's even a little purple in favorite color!

I used three colors of felt for this banner: red, white, and purple,
and four buttons to coordinate with the hearts.

The Crafter’s Edge Crossover II had a perfect set of dies, "Nested Hearts", to use along 
with their Flag Pennant die. It took me less than an hour to whip up a simple banner.

The dies have cutting edges that aren’t sharp, but when run through the machine they 
easily cut fabric (not fingers.) If the die needs to sit on a fold (like the pennant die)
then the die will have a flat section with no cutting edge.

Placing the flat section on the folded piece of felt stops it from being cut when it 
rolls through the machine.

The fold easily irons out when you're ready to add more layers to the pennant.

Depending on the fabric you use, the pennant die might slide a bit. I found that
my favorite Purple Tape from ThermOWeb held it in place while it was being cut.

The level of pressure can easily be adjusted to the layers of your project.
I found this to be the perfect level of pressure for two layers of felt, though
more pressure would probably be needed for more layers.

The awesome part of Crafter's Edge "Nested Hearts" is that it comes with four sizes of 
hearts that makes it versatile for using one size or all four. I used three sizes for this project.

Once all the hearts and pennants were cut out, I arranged them how I wanted them to look.

A little dab or two of Therm O Web'Fabric Fuse Adhesive held the layers of banners, 
hearts and buttons in place. At this point, the buttons can be sewn on or not. Fabric Fuse 
is a nice strong glue if you don't want to sew!

The final step was to add double folded bias tape to the banner by sliding the pennant tops 
between folds. A dab or two of Fabric Fuse worked great to hold the pennants in place until I
was ready to sew...after the glue dried, of course. Zig-zag or straight stitch close to bottom edge.

The banner now hangs sweetly on my dining room mirror.

Are you thinking up Valentine craft ideas, yet?
I'm totally ready to celebrate the holiday of love!


  1. That's very cute and festive for the special holiday. I can't wrap my mind over the fact that it is almost February already.

  2. Such a super cute and fast project. Sweet!

  3. Well that’s a great project! It is nice to decorate for the holidays;I don’t do much, but appreciate those that do.


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