Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wandering Camera Photos About This And That

I love the idea of dragging out photos that have been in my digital warehouse.
Some of the photos get shared on my blog, Facebook, or Instagram, but a lot of
them disappear into the deep and dark abyss of my computer hard drive.

Thanks to Soma of Whims and Fancies for creating an outlet for those photos
with her Wandering Camera monthly blog sharing events. So fun!
Soma takes amazing and gorgeous worth checking them out.

Here's a few photos from my "Wandering Camera":

I totally love taking close-ups of flowers!

From green to red...the beauty of a tomato

An abandoned house...with an organ inside!

My camera always loves wandering wherever these guys happen to be!

Where has your camera wandered lately?


  1. Love the gorgeous flowers, and of course the cute grandkid photo is priceless!

  2. Hands down, last pic is the best :) but I love them all...I gingerly rolled through expecting you to give us a spider shot, ha!

  3. Beautiful photos. My camera needs to wander more!

  4. Beautiful flowers. I believe that is an organ rather than a piano. Fun picture of the grand-kids.

  5. Beautiful flowers - the colors are so rich! and the abandoned house - too cool - the kids tho - look at those happy faces!

  6. Soma is amazing with her camera. Your close ups are so detailed and pretty. I also like that old house, but I agree....the last photo puts a smile on the face!

  7. You've beautifully captured wonderful moments. Having a digital camera is great. I just keep snapping away hoping that one of the half dozen or more will turn out. So different than it used to be when pictures were taken and the film sent away but the pictures displayed on walls and mantels or mailed to grandparents. That's what's really different. We take a lot of pictures and they stay hidden away in folders on the computer or in the cloud. I've heard it said somewhere that this generation is the most photographed and the least viewed (referring to taking pics of kids and not displaying the pic). Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those photos are great. I wish I could smell the gardenia.

  9. You and that camera of yours do capture beauty, don't you. Gorgeous photos of each flower and the last photo is filled with such happiness and fun.

  10. Love your flowers! My garden is between bloom times so I just have a bunch of green right now.

  11. You have such an eye for great photos. LOVE the last one!!

  12. Many beautiful photos! Thanks especially for the ones of the abandoned house. That will give me something to speculate and imagine stories about for a long time - and there's that beautiful flowering bush still blooming when the ones who planted it are long gone. And an organ inside!

  13. Carol, I love these photos, especially the last one

  14. I know what you mean by the deep and dark abyss of the digital warehouse. Beautiful photos of your garden, Carol. Photos of the abandoned house are so evocative. The last photo just made me laugh out loud.
    Thanks so much for linking up on Wandering Camera, and for such lovely compliment about my photography :)


  15. I like your photos, too. I can almost smell the flowers. The capture of the organ through the window -- very cool!


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