Sunday, June 10, 2018

Aurifil Thread Isn’t Just For Sewing

I have five Monkey Boys staying at my house for a week.
Yes, it will be crazy, but I love the energy and smiles they bring to my life. 
This 3-year old Monkey Boy helped open my new package of Aurifil thread
and showed me that sewing isn’t the only way to enjoy these beautiful colors.

It was a very intense project opening those little spools of thread.

The Nancy Rink collection is beautiful and goes great with the Windham Gypsy fabric.

It's definitely going to be a week of smiles at my house!


  1. What a sweet little face! So concentrated on his job! :-)

  2. Beautiful little face. making memories! Grands is the perfect name

  3. Oh how sweet you are going to be a busy lady.

  4. He is so cute and I don't envy you. I love my grandsons, but one at a time is enough, though now that the baby is two, it won't be long before I take them both.


  5. Oh carol, have a fun time with those sweet boys.
    You are such a good gramma. Good thing you have a peppy hubby.
    I know having a house full of grand kids is really fun and they are like little clowns

  6. I know you had a fabulous time with the boys. These photos are so beautiful! I love that last photo, such concentration :)



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