Friday, June 15, 2018

Skinny Ties For My Favorite Boys

My son-in-law and my daughter are never afraid to tackle a sewing project,
even though neither one of them do much sewing. They are such a cute couple
and crack me up with their bravery and silliness...I just love them both!

This time they decided to make a skinny tie, but there were things about it that my SIL
 didn't like. With his help, I made some changes and came up with a tie that was exactly 
what he wanted: A skinny tie that wasn’t too thick around the neck.
He even supplied me with the fabric he wanted...what a guy!

This Ties On You

I printed the pattern on Therm O Web's Stitch n Sew EZ Quilt Block Sheets because it will 
make the pattern reusable and with a houseful of six Monkey Boys, there will be a huge 
need for more ties...lots and lots more ties! I added some other sizes to the pattern.

Such a handsome guy and agreeable model!

You can find the pattern at my Etsy store HERE.


  1. How fun! Wish anyone around here would wear a tie! It's not happening any time soon, I'm afraid.

  2. The ties are cute all lined up, but the model, he's such a cutie with that tie.

  3. Yes, I quite like that model, too! The ties are simply great - but my boys don't go anywhere that they wear one. =P

  4. Neat pattern! Maybe this is just the grandma-sewn item I needed for my grandson. He always has felt left out when I sew for the girls. Thanks, Carol!

  5. Oh they are a cute couple. They remind me of Jerome and Elizabeth, my youngest daughter and her husband. They are also enthusiastic and doing and making fun things

    So these ties are for the monkey boys?
    I love them and your daughter and son in law.
    We really are blessed Carol.

  6. Great idea and look at all those super fun pictures. Especially your daughter and son-in-law.

  7. Very cute-and you cracked me up with your model!

  8. I agree, such a fun model. But I think the events are going to have to come to him. He’s standing his ground on that one. You are always so great at adjusting patterns and designs to your own specific needs. The ties look awesome!


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